Energetic Abstractions by Rosetta Elsner ARTist

Energetic Abstractions is the name of Abstract Energy ARTist Rosetta Elsner’s creative arts business venture and whose motto is using COLOUR to Awaken Creativity and Healing.

Browsing this website you will soon discover that it is so much more than just being a self-taught Abstract Artist’s online PORTFOLIO and ART4Sale SHOP.


Apart from reading about Rosetta’s creative shenanigans within the ART Blog posts, you will also find numerous informative ARTicles written by Rosetta on a variety of topics such as Creative Expression, Spontaneous Creativity, Holistic Pain Management and other Non-Allopathic Alternative Therapies and Treatments.


Rosetta has temporarily discontinued Energetic Abstractions online ART4Sale SHOP to focus on her newest creative venture … being the first ARTist In Residence at Just Add Passion Emporium located in Perth’s Eastern Hills region.


You can now purchase your very own idiosyncratic Abstract Energy ARTwork and ARTwares in person direct from the ARTist @ JUST ADD PASSION EMPORIUM (JAPE) located at 5375 Richardson Road, Stoneville (corner of Stoneville & Richardson Roads) and is open Wednesday to Sunday from 9.00am to 5.00pm.

Just Add Passion Emporium

*** Creative People ~ Passionate Souls ***

Healing Through Creativity

Energetic Abstractions creative arts business has expanded and now Rosetta offers a choice of either a 1-on-1 private session or a group session of up to 3 people in a Holistic ARTistry Workshop (Spontaneous Artistic Creative Expression aka PAINt Relief  Workshops).

From January 2019, Rosetta will be facilitating her Holistic ARTistry workshop sessions from JUST ADD PASSION EMPORIUM (JAPE) in STONEVILLE where she will instruct how to effectively manage stress and pain (both physical and emotional pain) by using easy to implement alternative art-focused modalities of Creative and Colour Expression.

Please be advised that this is not an actual Art Therapy session … no analysis and note-taking just creative art-making and colour healing to enhance one’s well-being!! 🙂

AEA-EA-QuackQuackAbstractDuckCard-energetic abstractions

“At the deepest level, the creative process and the healing process arise from a single source.

  When you are an ARTist you are a HEALer ; a wordless trust of the same mystery is the foundation of your work and its integrity.”

Quote by Rachel Naomi Remen MD

Frozen In Time/Space ARTwork-energetic abstractions
Frozen In Time/Space ARTwork
Acrylic Paint on A3 Canvas Paper Sheeting.
(c) Energetic Abstractions 2013.    ******

EA-BCardBack - Banner-energetic abstractions

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