Creative Entrepreneurship

I used to think that being an artistic person and/or a business-orientated person were worlds apart, you were either one or the other but boy-o-boy was I in for a reality check once I ventured into the realm of creative entrepreneurship. It seems that these days I spend less time on being creative and way […]

Healing Art

I was asked this question the other day … “What is Healing Art?” I believe that it is when a person uses Art to heal the body, soothe the mind and transform the spirit by actually engaging in either creating or viewing art. The simple act of creating a visual image on either a piece […]

Solve A Problem or Alleviate A Pain

In researching about being in the business of making and selling art I have come across the following “to be successful at selling art you need to solve a problem or alleviate a pain” or words to that effect on several people’s websites. If only alleviating a pain was as easy as it sounds … […]