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ABOUT Rosetta Elsner ARTist


AEA-RBE InTheStudio-04ABOUT Energetic Abstraction’s ARTist In Residence :

Rosetta Elsner ARTist (aka Abstract Energy ARTist Rose)

Irish born, West Australian raised Married Mother of 3

Self-taught Acrylic & Watercolour Abstract ARTist/Expressionist

Creative Expressionista of Abstract Energy ARTworks @ Energetic Abstractions

PAINt Relief Creativity Workshop Facilitator @ Holistic ARTistry

Energetic Abstractions Art Studio is situated on a small semi-rural property in the picturesque Perth Hills (Eastern Hills)

Somewhat of an Expert @ Chronic PAIN Self-Management due to a long-term liaison with Bone Pain Demons!

Advocate for Alternative Modalities such as Art Therapy, Backyard Food Growing, Colour Healing, Colour Therapy, Creative Expression, Crystals, Energy Medicine, Essential Oils, Hypnotherapy, Meditation, Mindfulness, Organic Gardening, Permaculture, Reiki Energy Healing and Transformational Artistic Therapy/Healing … I practice what I preach!!

It is no secret that I am totally besotted with the colour Lime/Yellow Green, Clouds, Rain, Rainbows (obviously my Irish heritage) and Keanu Reeves!!!

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My Intentions:

As a professional Abstract ARTist/Abstract Expressionist it is my intention to create high quality, unique, one-off Abstract Energy ARTworks that best represent me as the solo Creative Expressionista of Energetic Abstractions.

These one of a kind Abstract Energy ARTworks will be made available for purchase as either Original ARTworks or Art Prints from this websites ART4Sale SHOP (Original Art only), my Fine Art America store (Prints & Homewares/Merchandise) or my Red Bubble store (Prints & Homewares /Merchandise).


It is also my intention to use expressive ART to heal my body (and assist other people to heal themselves) by supplementing traditional Allopathic medical treatments with the creative mind-body energetic connection that is achieved by personally creating and/or viewing art.

When we intentionally make Art to Heal (Holistic ARTistry), the creative spirit within us is awakened and it brings out our Inner-Healer to allow us to change our whole physiology which in doing so enables our mind, body and spirit to heal.

I believe that the process of creating Art helps to release pressure on our Immune system by freeing it up so that it can function in a proper manner, thereby alleviating pain and managing associated depression as well as raising our spiritual well-being.

In July 2017 I intend to offer 1-on-1 Holistic ARTistry workshop sessions to create PAINt Relief Healing Art in a home-based Art Studio.

Holistic ARTistry will not be your typical Art Therapy session as I am not a qualified Art Therapist and I do not refer to myself as being one … instead expect to come along to a Transformational Art/Creative Expression session facilitated by an experienced PAINt Relief Creativity Practitioner/Creative Expressionist.


My MISSION Statement:

As a PAINt Relief Creativity Practitioner (Holistic ARTistry Arts & Wellness Facilitator) I intend to use Abstract Energy Art as an easy to learn method of cultivating PAINt Relief seeds which will help transform myself and others who have sought my assistance to grow as healthy, pain-free creative beings.

 Transform Yourself = Transform Your Life = Transform Your World