ABOUT Rosetta Elsner ARTist

ABOUT Rosetta Elsner ARTist :

Thank you for stopping by to learn more about me … Rosetta Elsner ARTist of ENERGETIC ABSTRACTIONS.

I am the colourful, eclectic and quirky Creative Expressionista of Abstract Energy ARTwork makings @ ENERGETIC ABSTRACTIONS.

Rosetta Elsner aka Abstract Energy ARTist Rose

Also known as Abstract Energy ARTist Rose, I am a self-taught Abstract ARTist who predominantly uses Acrylic and Watercolour paints to create my Abstract Energy ARTworks.

Occasionally I like to dabble with Liquid Inks and Acrylic Flow Pour paints.

I can honestly claim that I am somewhat of an Expert @ Chronic PAIN Self-Management due to a long-term, one-sided liaison with some rather friendly Bone Pain Demons!

Over the years I have implemented an integrative medicine plan combining both Allopathic and Non-Allopathic (Holistic/Complimentary) treatments.

I am also an Advocate for using Alternative Non-Allopathic Modalities such as Art Therapy, Colour Therapy, Creative Expression, Crystals, Essential Oils and Transformational Artistic Therapy/Healing … yes I really do practice what I preach!!

Last but not least it is no secret that I am totally besotted with Colour/s especially the colour Lime/Yellow Green, Clouds, Cloud-Watching, Cool Breezes, Crispy Cool Winter Days, Creative Wellness, Holistic Pain Relief, Lava Lamps, Ocean Walks, Organic Gardening, Rain, Permaculture, Rainy Days, Rainbows and Reading Books!!

“Greenery” ARTwork (acrylic on canvas)
“Australiana” ARTwork (acrylic on canvas)
“Into The Light” ARTwork (acrylic on canvas)

ARTist Statement : Intentions & Mission

Rosetta is an independently represented Visual Artist and has been painting for many years mainly with Acrylic and Watercolour paints as a means to cope with the frustrations of the bone pain associated with having chronic MF Anaemia (not your every day pop an iron pill and that will fix ya variety!).

As a professional Abstract ARTist it is Rosetta’s intention to create high quality, unique, one-off Abstract ARTworks that best represent her as the solo Creative Expressionista of Energetic Abstractions.

It is also Rosetta’s intention to use expressive ART to heal her body by supplementing traditional Allopathic medical treatments with the creative mind-body energetic connection that is achieved by personally creating and/or viewing art.

When we intentionally make Art to Heal (HOLISTIC ARTistry), the creative spirit within us is awakened and it brings out our Inner-Healer to allow us to change our whole physiology which in doing so enables our mind, body and spirit to heal.

Rosetta believes that the process of creating Art helps to release pressure on our Immune system by freeing it up so that it can function in a proper manner, thereby alleviating pain and managing associated depression as well as raising our spiritual well-being.

An assortment of Abstract Energy ARTworks

As a PAINt Relief Creativity Practitioner, Rosetta intends to use Abstract Energy Art as an easy to learn method of cultivating PAINt Relief seeds which will help transform herself and others who have sought her assistance to grow as healthy, pain-free creative beings.

PLEASE NOTE: I have made the decision to cease facilitating 1-on-1 and Group PAINt Relief Workshops.