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Rosetta Elsner ARTist Statement

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This is a generalized Artist Statement for Abstract Energy ARTist Rosetta Elsner.

I am an independently represented Visual Artist whose ARTworks are available for purchase through this website’s ART4Sale SHOP.

This ARTist Statement will differ to that of other professional Artists and it is intentional on my behalf as it refers more to the reasoning behind my Energetic Abstractions/Holistic ARTistry creative venture (why I do what it is that I do) instead of me listing my artistic accomplishments to date. 

It has not been my focus as a Visual Artist to participate in local Art Competitions and/or Art Exhibitions (although that may change and if it does then I will alter my Artist Statement accordingly).

With that said I was invited to participate as the only International ARTist in an exhibition in New Orleans, USA in 2013.  Unfortunately for me, only my Abstract Energy ARTworks attended the event as I was not able to travel.


ARTist Statement:

Rosetta Elsner is a self-taught West Australian Abstract Energy ARTist and the Creative Expressionista @ ENERGETIC ABSTRACTIONS (using Colour to Awaken Creativity and Healing).

I have been painting with Acrylic and Watercolour paints for many years as a means to cope with the frustrations of the bone pain associated with having chronic Anaemia.

Over the years I have implemented an integrative medicine plan combining both Allopathic and Non-Allopathic (Holistic/Complimentary) treatments and immediately resonated with the Energy Medicine/Energy Healing, Reiki and Colour Therapy modalities.


ENERGETIC ABSTRACTIONS is the platform whereby I can showcase my original abstract energy ARTworks to the general public and in doing so I hope to inspire others to channel their own unique creative spirit/expression by using Colour to Awaken Creativity and Healing.

Holistic ARTistry is what I have chosen to call my 1-on-1 Workshop sessions where I am helping others to put into practice a variety of creative holistic methods which will help them to shift their mindset away from their physical and/or emotional pain.

I also intend to use Energetic Abstractions as a visual blog/narrative to help me raise people’s awareness and understanding of the many frustratingly painful “Invisible Illnesses” such as Chronic Anaemia, Bone Pain, Blood & Bone Cancers, Myeloproliferative Disorders (MF/MPD/MPN), Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain etc.



December 2013 – MPN Heroes – American Society of Hematolgy (ASH) 2013 Conference in New Orleans, USA

My PAINt Relief Abstract Energy ARTworks (Commissioned ARTworks) were on display during the ASH 2013 Conference and also at the Awards Presentation Dinner event and now hang in various Corporate offices in Texas, USA.

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