Abstract Energy ART

Abstract Energy ART is simply a variation of conventional Abstract Art and is generally non-figurative.

Energetic Abstractions Abstract Energy ARTworks have been painted with intentional creative expression and positive energy vibes infused into the vibrant colour paint mix.

ART That Heals

Art That Heals (aka Abstract Energy ART or PAINt Relief Energy ART) is a terminology that I like to use when sharing information about how easy and effective it is to be able to utilize the healing properties found in Colour, Art and other Complimentary Therapies to help awaken creativity and enhance one’s self-healing.

Being in pain is not nice and being a long-term sufferer of pain is even worse, especially when you are so physically and mentally challenged to see if anything at all positive will actually eventuate.

This is a statement that I can totally relate to as I am a long-term pain sufferer and although my pain was invisible to the naked eye and evoked many a snide remark by the naysayers, I was determined to battle on scars and all.

All I knew was that I was SICK and TIRED of being SICK and TIRED and that something had to change and that change had to start with ME!

“Unhealthy Chakras”