Angelic Abstractions Emerge

Recently I was asked if I would like to display a variety of Abstract Energy ARTworks for sale in a Retail Shop setting.  I agreed and as it was a brand-spanking new retail venture a combination of existing and newer art pieces would be what was needed to help add a splash of colour to the bare white walls.

My mind was now in a total whir as to what I could actually paint as this request was an out-of-the-blue change of direction for me as I did not need to focus on my regular gig of PAINt Relief … the world of creative expression was now mine for the taking and I was initially full of self-doubt.

Phew, I may have got of to a slow start but I am so very happy that I accepted Dianne’s challenge as I had a fabulous time experimenting and painting with watercolour paints and ended up creating my own unique version of abstract Angel figurines (such as the purple one down below).

I so enjoyed this new-found creative expression that I will definitely be creating more Angelic Abstractions in the future which I will make available for sale online as well.

An Angel For Dianne