Consciously Creating My Reality

Everyday of my life on this earth I am consciously creating my reality and just like me so to are you, whether you realize it or not. But how are we able to do so? We are able to consciously create our own realities simply because we are Human Beings who have the capability of […]

Energy Healing – Yin and Yang Energy Systems

Understanding Yin and Yang Energy Systems Healing the body is inextricably linked with healing other aspects of ourselves. You can certainly help the process by working within as well, looking at the emotional and mental states which may be connected to your illness. In a diseased person/patient there is mental and emotional tension, constricted breathing […]

Tiredness – Anaemia Could Be The Culprit?

Tiredness – Anaemia/Anemia Could Be The Culprit? Anaemia (Anemia) is reduced level of haemoglobin in blood and is the classical reason for tiredness. It is symptomatic of a biochemical need for higher levels of iron, copper, folic acid and/or vitamin b12 (Pernicious Anaemia). Red blood cells gets reduced or their production becomes slower than normal […]

Fatigue – A Treatable Fact Of Life

Fatigue is rife in the late twentieth century and probably never before have the people of the western civilization been collectively so tired. Tiredness can rob us of our appetite for food, the pleasure of good companionship, joy in marriage, home and children, healthy sleep and even diminish our work satisfaction. It can also lead […]

Psychosomatic Illness – Imaginative Mind Games

I Am Not Making It Up – My PAIN is Real ! Psychosomatic Illness is usually the diagnosis of a “so-called neurotic person” who is desperately trying to find out what is wrong with him/her. They are usually experiencing various levels of pain and cannot pin-point the exact reason why they are in pain. There […]

Self-Healing Reiki – Healing Your Mind Body and Soul

Administering a Self-Healing Reiki Energy treatment on yourself is one very special way of delivering holistic healthcare at any time and at any place. Reiki is a wonderful healing technique for the body, the mind and the spirit/soul. Reiki channels energy through the palms of your hands and is an excellent therapy to use alongside […]

Empowerment Through Reiki Healing

Empowerment Through Reiki Healing – A Path To Self Transformation The key to Reiki is its simplicity. Reiki is a process of empowerment and what makes Reiki different from the other healing methods is the Reiki Attunement (aka initiation) process which the student experiences in the various levels of Reiki classes. Anyone can lay their […]

Reiki Healing and Pain Relief

Reiki Healing and Pain Relief – How Reiki Healing Helped Me Cope With Chronic Pain My introduction to Reiki and Reiki Healing came about as a result of a friend who was obviously ‘sick and tired’ of hearing me whining about being in pain that she took me along to ‘sit-in’ whilst she received a […]