Solve A Problem or Alleviate A Pain

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In researching about being in the business of making and selling art I have come across the following “to be successful at selling art you need to solve a problem or alleviate a pain” or words to that effect on several people’s websites.  Okay!

Now this I really liked … “your audience is coming to you so that they can buy an end to their pain.  In order to convert browsers into buyer’s you need to get in touch with your customers ‘pain points’.

If you do not know their pain, they will never buy from you.”  Say what?

Those of you who know me will know that I have lived practically all of my adult life trying to find solutions to solve my own problem of living with pain.

It is my guess that what they (these websites) are actually referring to is actually ‘metaphorical pain’ and not literal/physical pain which has been my sole focus.

“Flickering Flames”
Acrylic Paint on Canvas Board
© Energetic Abstractions 2014

Straight up, I started painting to help me alleviate the frustration of being in constant pain without the need or eventual dependency/addiction of continuously popping chemical-based pain medications, hence I call it PAINt Relief.

Now that I am well enough I endeavour to help others who find themselves in a in a similar predicament as me to try their hand at being creative and in doing so change their mindset and view pain differently.

Art does have the ability to heal, but I believe that it is the actual act of creating art that heals more so than the looking at art, but with that said I do believe that if you look intensely and long enough at certain colours that they will temporarily help alleviate pain via the energy vibrations that they emit although chances are that the person may not be aware of it actually taking place.

So it appears that PAIN in all its formats is definitely a part of my Life’s Purpose whether it be living/managing it and/or finding a product or a service to alleviate it personally and for my prospective customer clientele.

Wow, I still have so much to learn!

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Never A Dull Moment for this Home-Based Art Business

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Life is most definitely interesting at times, especially like today when there is never a dull moment for this home-based art business owner who would so rather have a paintbrush or two in her hands.

Enough dilly-dallying it is time to make use of me being relatively “pain-free” and get cracking with spruking my ARTwares now that I know a whole lot more (but probably still not enough) about Social Media Marketing … oh the joys!

There are definitely days when I ponder why the heck did I choose to be a professional ARTist, especially when I have my ‘fingers in so many pies’ already?


Seriously, truth be known I would much rather be painting and forget about the Ecommerce stuff but apart from painting over already painted canvases every time I am in the mood to paint, I can only actually hang up so much of my own creations before the family chucks a sad and screams out “this is not an Art Gallery Mum”!!

So with that said I bid you farewell as I now have my Creativity Practitioner/Coach studies to get on with and this module is all about Communication … a subject that I somehow do not think that I will have any problems with as I have been known to have inherited the ‘gift of the gab’ as they say!!!


Energetic Abstractions Has Been A Hive Of Activity

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With the long, hot summer school holidays almost coming to an end and me not being in the best of health pain-wise, I have via Energetic Abstractions enlisted the services of my children to perform a variety of tasks on a variety of electronic equipment … so far so good with no complaints!

Amelia (my youngest) has been helping me with Scanning my Abstract Energy ARTworks ready for colour correction editing before I upload them for sale on my ART4Sale shop.

The other two have been very busy on their own laptops designing social media image posts from my ARTworks (Anthea) and then the final edit of such images (Keegan) ready for eventual uploading once Mum has figured out how to schedule posts, etc.

Here are two of their finished images delivered via USB to my laptop for final analysis (no further changes made by me).

EA-RBE Quote3
Solve A Problem or Alleviate A Pain!
© Energetic Abstractions 2015


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EA Social Media Quote 1
© Energetic Abstractions 2015

I think they did a pretty good job of it, especially as they have a “reformed perfectionist” as their client.

Now for me to upload the scanned images (over the next few days) to this website and sell some of my Abstract Energy ARTworks (fingers crossed) so that I can pay my hard-working employees … apparently Mum’s hugs and kisses just ain’t enough as payment for this job!

September Is Blood Cancer Awareness Month

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One thing guaranteed is that no matter the year I will never forget that September is Blood Cancer Awareness month.

September Is Blood Cancer Awareness Month
September Is Blood Cancer Awareness Month

In my patch of the planet it is the first day of September today … not only is it the first official day of Spring but it is also the first day in the Blood Cancer Awareness month of promotion.

As this particular type of cancer is very close to my heart I choose to do my part, albeit a small one in the grand scheme of things and support it by promoting it when and wherever I can.

MyeloProliferative Disorder / MPN Awareness Badge

It is never far from my thoughts and I will continue to paint ARTworks that represent Blood and Bone Cancers in honour of those who have lost their battle and for those who are fighting these insipid cancers.

I wish you many pain-free days and pray that a cure is found sooner rather than later.

MPN Hero #1
“MPN Hero #1”
On display @ ASH 2013 PAINt Relief Exhibition, New Orleans USA
© Energetic Abstractions 2013.



Energetic Abstractions Almost Came A Gutzer!

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Phew … that was close, way to darn close for my liking as with only a few keystroke clicks here and there I almost unknowingly crashed my entire Energetic Abstractions database!!!

The last thing that I ever want to see is WP Error – Unable To Locate Database and have absolutely NO ACCESS at all to any page, post or image on my website … I mean WTF???

But thankfully after de-stressing myself and giving some serious thinking time as to what actually happened and retracing my steps I can report that Energetic Abstractions website is back online today … problem solved (Rose lets out a humungous sigh of relief) hence me typing up this post.

Lesson learned is to always have a Backup Plan and thankfully for me I had a backup plan being my WP backup data plugin … talk about a lifesaver that I will be forever grateful for.

So folks, why would I want to be telling you of my almost monumental balls-up???

EA-EAEmailLogo PaintCan

Simply paying it forward so that anyone reading this who administers their own website/s can spend a few minutes double-checking that they too have installed their own whizz-bang gizmo backup plugin/app … and in doing so I have just saved you some unwanted stress time!

I swear the easiest part of this whole creative venture of mine is the actual PAINTing … everything else is just so darn consuming of time and energy.


No More Sleeps … ASH 2013 Starts Today

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In my patch of the planet it is December 6 which means that when the USA arises from their night’s slumber in a few hours, it will be time for the ASH 2013 Conference Display Booths and Exhibitions personnel to open up the doors to the public … OMG, I still cannot believe my Abstract Energy ARTworks will be on show in all their glory!

I have uploaded the commissioned ARTworks to the PAINt Relief USA Gallery page so that you can all take a look at just a few of my pieces that will be shown in the Incyte Corporation’s MPN Hero display booth.

These ARTwork collections are aptly named MPN Hero (#1 – #10) and Ode To Hematologists (#1 – #4).

Speaking of Heroes, the world said farewell today (last night) to a wonderful heart-centered Human Angel who through his words and actions taught us what can happen when we allow Love, Hope, Peace, Gratitude and the wonderment of colors/colours into our lives.

Your cherished teachings will carry on in the hearts and souls of every person who chose to listen to you, but the time has now come for you to Rest In Peace Mr Nelson Mandala and let other people such as myself educate others in your honour.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Images from ASH Dec 2013 Exhibition


ASH 2013 Exhibition - MPN Hero

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ASH 2013 Is About To Become A Reality!

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After months of hard work and many sleepless nights, ASH 2013 is about to become a Reality for me and boy am I excited!

It is no doubt all go in the USA with the ASH 2013 Conference starting this Friday through until 10 December.

I wish everyone involved with the setting up and displaying of my “PAINt Relief” ARTworks (and the other featured American ARTists) every success and look forward very much to seeing photographs of the actual MPN Heroes event when they are made available.

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I would like to recognize Jennifer Ladines’ efforts in supporting me (a novice home-based Visual ARTist who has a holistic self-healing story to tell through my ARTworks) to undertake my first international exhibition.

I am so very grateful to have had Jennifer’s assistance over the past couple of months and am very happy that the both of us are able to be rewarded for our efforts (the only bummer is that I am unable to attend the gala-event and meet Jennifer in person).



ARTworks Have Arrived In New York, USA

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Yay my artworks have arrived … I am happy to report that the big ol’ jumbo jet has safely delivered my Abstract Energy ARTworks from me in Perth to my client in New York, USA.

A mighty big thank you to everyone involved in the air-freight transit of my first international consignment.

I still have my fingers crossed for a safe transit for when they embark on the next stage of the journey south to New Orleans to be showcased at my PAINt Relief art exhibition.

As for me, well it is time to move onto my next ARTistic project before I take some much-needed time-out!

MPN Hero #1
“MPN Hero #1”
On display @ ASH 2013 PAINt Relief Exhibition, New Orleans USA
© Energetic Abstractions 2013.