Energetic Abstractions ARTworks In Transit To USA

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I am happy to post that as of today the 25 Original Energetic Abstractions ARTworks which were purchased to be displayed at the ASH 2013 New Orleans conference in December have DEPARTED the TNT Freight deport in Perth and are in transit to the Big Apple pit-stop before continuing on the journey southwards to New Orleans … yay!!!

EA ARTworks - USA1
EA ARTworks air-drying after gloss coating put on them.
EA ARTworks - USA2
Bound for the USA … some of the smaller ARTworks pack ready to be transported to Pack & Send Midland office.
EA ARTworks - USA3
We have arrived @ our 1st destination … Pack & Send Midland office.
EA ARTworks - USA4
Unloaded and on Natasha’s worktable ready and waiting to be wrapped and packed into bigger cardboard boxes.
EA ARTworks - USA5
Adios … USA bound … first to New York then New Orleans and then who knows!!!
EA ARTworks - USA6
Take good care of them for me Natasha (working hard in the background typing up my Consignment Note).  All that is left for me to do now is to say goodbye to my very first International Consignment.

I am grateful to everyone who gave me advice and assistance over the past two months as there were times I definitely thought that I had bitten off way more than I could have chewed.

I am pleased to say that this particular task is now accomplished (albeit just one more task for me to fulfill).

I am getting more skilled with computer technology and social media everyday (it is not just about dipping a brush into paint people), although my photography skills still suck!  Wonder if treating myself to a “fancy-pants” camera will make a difference?

Take good care of them for me Natasha.  All that is left for me to do now is to say goodbye to my very first International Consignment which soon will be heading your way Jennifer and Holly. 

I so hope that the US-audience will love them as much as I loved painting them for you and that my Energetic Abstractions ARTworks will draw people’s attention and  in doing so, will help you wonderful ladies to raise awareness of Blood Disorders/Cancers in the USA and how this novice Australian ARTist uses Creative Expression via paint and colour as one method of holistic PAINt Relief (name of my exhibition).

Keep your fingers crossed that they arrive in the Big Apple in the exact same condition as Natasha air freighted them.

Rose 🙂

ps.  If there are any Perth-based ARTists reading this who need to send artworks overseas and do not know where to begin … then click on the Pack and Send, Midland link and check out their website.  I can guarantee that Natasha will be more than happy to help you out.


AbstractEnergy ARTist to Exhibit in the USA

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With the purchasing of the Abstract Energy Printed ARTworks today through Fine Art America, I can now let the ‘cat of the bag’ so to speak and tell the world (that is you lot out there) about my forthcoming creative venture.

I have been approached to be a featured Artists alongside two other Artists with a MPN/MPD illness and EXHIBIT MY ART and Share my “Pain Journey = How I Use ART to Medicate myself” with those in attendance at the American Society of Hematology (ASH) 2013 conference in the MPN Heroes Awareness Exhibition Booth this coming December in New Orleans, USA … how exciting is that!

The theme of my exhibition will be PAINt Relief and it will comprise a mixture of PRINTED and ORIGINAL  Abstract Energy ARTworks of various sizes and mediums.

I will officially become a “Internationally Collected ARTist” … what an opportunity I have been given to help raise awareness of incorporating Art as a method of PAINt Relief.

Frozen In Time/Space
“Frozen In Time/Space”
Acrylic Paint on A3 Canvas Paper Sheeting.
(c) Energetic Abstractions 2013.

It is my intention to inform the viewer of my Abstract Energy ARTworks, of how I incorporate both Allopathic (Haematology) and Non-Allopathic (Art, Art Therapy, Energy Healing, Colour Therapy, etc) modalities together in order to achieve better health and well-being outcomes.

I am grateful to have found a Allopathic Doctor who is open-minded enough to allow me to treat myself with more ‘holistic methods’ than solely relying on ‘chemical-based prescription medicines’.

I am also understanding of his experience and knowledge as a practicing Specialist/Haematologist to accept that if/when things change with my medical situation that I will listen and follow his guidance … you could say we have a mutual respect and understanding of each others needs, wants and outcomes.

Participating in Art Practices will not rid a person of their pain but it will help take their focus away from their pain (if only temporarily).

It is so beneficial to allow creativity into one’s life, even if starting from a very dark place because little by little if you give it a chance, the healing colours will weave their wonderous magic and shine through.

Take it from someone who is living proof of this … me!

Click on the links below to see the Abstract Energy ARTworks that were purchased as PRINTS (only because these extra special originals are to be found hanging up in my house and are definitely Not For Sale).

PAINted Faces

An Energetic Abstraction

Ouch I Hurt – Pain Threads

Facing My Pain Demons

Faces In The Clouds

Upon Angels Wings Of Change

Ode To Bern

Celebrate A Season Change With Awakened Mind

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In my patch of the planet I am welcoming the start of our Winter months.

I just love this time of year DownUnder for many reasons such as the myriad of changes that are taking place around me, including the vast array of colours that can be found as I wander about in search of inspiration and most definitely because of the coolness of temperature (nowhere near as cold as the Northern Hemisphere winters) which allow me to create outdoors rather than in artificial air-conditioned surroundings (good-bye to the long stinking hot summer days).

Once leaf-laden trees lie semi-naked with their coloured leaf jewels scattered about the ground in readiness for someone to come along and spread them about the place (namely me and my gumboots).

The birds herald their unique bird-song’s that all is well and that they are grateful to have such abundance in my backyard for them to choose from including the shedded dog-hair that has been gathering amongst the terracotta pots for them to use in their nest-building activities.

Life moves at a greater pace as there is much to be done in preparation of the birthing/growing season ahead.

Energy flows through my backyard into my house and into my hands and the freshness of the air most certainly helps me to awaken my mind and spirit to try my hand at new experimental creative outcomes that just happen to involve having a paintbrush in my hand and I make use of my new-found energy levels to create energetic pieces of ARTwork such as those found on this website.

You will find below one such experimental ARTwork which I have painted using the vibrant Autumnal colours found everywhere at this time of year and being such a special piece I have named it “Awakened Man” as a tribute to all things original, native and indigenous.  Let me know what you think.

Awakened Man ARTwork
Awakened Man ARTwork
Heavy Bodied/Textured Acrylic Paint on A3 Canvas Paper Sheeting.
(c) Energetic Abstractions 2013.


Facing My Own Fear To Help Others Awaken Their Creative Spirit

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Yesterday was a fabulous day indeed as I was not only successful in facing a fear of mine head on, but in doing so I was able to provide an Abstract Energy ART Lesson with a difference.

I finally let my “Inner ARTist” out to play, far away from my own studio “safe haven” and facilitated a fun-filled, action-packed, spontaneously creative morning of Art and Healing.


I was truly honoured and most grateful to be able to teach the kind of ARTwork that I LOVE to do for myself to a grieving mother and daughter who were very eager to try their creative hands at learning the techniques that I especially use when I create my Abstract Energy ARTwork pieces.

As part of this particular Abstract Energy ART Lesson I talked to them about the importance of using COLOUR to help Heal and Ease their Grief and also how they could use the Creativity of Grief to Awaken their respective Creative Spirit and go forth on a new journey of self-healing.

Tie-Dyed Heaven
An Energetic Abstractions experiment!
© Energetic Abstractions 2013.

Purple/Violet combined with Orange are the two most relevant colours associated with Grief and Awakening Creativity, but the girls could choose whatever colours they wanted to use as they painted their own “younique” creations without any further input from yours truly.

All three of us where totally amazed by their creative accomplishments during that One-on-One Abstract Energy ART Lesson and I for one can see a most creatively abundant future for them both, which puts a real big 🙂 on my dial.

Chakra Colourings

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This painting may be one of the most simple, less challenging pieces of artwork that I have ever undertaken, but with that said, it was the catalyst that brought about change.

This plain and simple painting of the seven colours of the Chakras (often referred to in alternative and complimentary therapies such as Colour Therapy and Energy Healing) started me on my journey of colour appreciation and opened up my eyes to just how beautiful and uplifting it is when you surround yourself with a vibrant colour palette, whether it is in your paints, your clothes, your furnishings or what can be found upon entering the outside world.

Awaken Chakra Energy
Awaken Chakra Energy
© Energetic Abstractions 2012.

When someone is in pain, the last thing to be appreciated is colour but as I can testify from personal experience, it is colour that can help bring pain-relief in all kinds of ways, even if only for a brief amount of time.

Obviously the type and amount of pain relief will depend on the severity of the pain and how incapacitated that someone is as to how they are able to adapt and introduce the beautiful colour spectrum into their life.

It can be as simple as when I have a headache I reach for my violet-coloured lavender bag which is conveniently stored in the freezer compartment of my fridge always ready for when I need it to put on my forehead.  This action will provide me with the coolness required to soothe the headache and relive the pain, whilst the violet colour of the lavender bag (specifically chosen for its colour) is synonymous with the Crown Chakra which will heal me with the lavender bag’s violet healing vibrations.

When I have bone-pain, I like to wrap a green-coloured throw rug/blanket over the area hurting (usually my shin bones) to help warm me up and ease the throbbing.  I am comforted to know that I am receiving green healing vibrations and these are synonymous with the Heart Chakra.

Tricking the brain into believing that relief can come from coloured energy wavelengths will be your greatest challenge (apart from the naysayers of course).

No harm will come of it, just a change of mindset and perception which in my opinion is so much healthier than reaching for the pain-killers every time you feel nagging niggles here and there.


Painting With A Purpose

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After much procrastinating the time has come for me to take the monumental step of showcasing my Painting with a Purpose/PAINt Relief Abstract Energy ARTworks (HOLISTIC ARTistry) to the world and all in sundry.

It is my intention to initially use www.energeticabstractions.com as a ‘show and tell’ site as I venture even further into my journey as a fair-dinkum Abstract Energy ARTist and promote my own style of painting with a purpose aka Abstract Energy ART.

Purging Out The Pain-Demon Artwork
Purging Out The Pain-Demon ARTwork
Heavy Bodied/Textured Acrylic Paint on A3 Canvas Paper Sheeting.
(c) Energetic Abstractions 2012.



Energetic Abstractions Emerges

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Energetic Abstractions emerges as a visual arts creative business venture based in the Perth Hills of Western Australia and is solely owned and operated by creative entrepreneur Abstract Energy ARTist Rosetta Elsner (aka Rosetta Elsner ARTist).

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Creative Entrepreneurship ~ so much more than being an Artist!