Solve A Problem or Alleviate A Pain

In researching about being in the business of making and selling art I have come across the following “to be successful at selling art you need to solve a problem or alleviate a pain” or words to that effect on several people’s websites. If only alleviating a pain was as easy as it sounds … […]

Facing My Own Fear To Help Others Awaken Their Creative Spirit

Yesterday was a fabulous day indeed as I was not only successful in facing a fear of mine head on, but in doing so I was able to provide an Abstract Energy ART Lesson with a difference. I finally let my “Inner ARTist” out to play, far away from my own studio “safe haven” and […]


Using Colour to Awaken Creativity and Healing is the “tagline” that I chose for my Abstract Energy ART creative business venture because it is exactly what I did to bring about the necessary changes that I so desired in me, my health and my life. I basically fell in love with colour and allowed such […]

Chakra Colourings

This painting may be one of the most simple, less challenging pieces of artwork that I have ever undertaken, but with that said, it was the catalyst that brought about change. This plain and simple painting of the seven colours of the Chakras (often referred to in alternative and complimentary therapies such as Colour Therapy […]

Painting With A Purpose

After much procrastinating the time has come for me to take the monumental step of showcasing my Painting with a Purpose/PAINt Relief Abstract Energy ARTworks (HOLISTIC ARTistry) to the world and all in sundry. It is my intention to initially use www.energeticabstractions.com as a ‘show and tell’ site as I venture even further into my […]

Abstract Energy ART

Abstract Energy ART is simply a variation of conventional Abstract Artworks and is generally non-figurative. Energetic Abstractions Abstract Energy ARTworks have been painted with intentional creative expression and positive energy vibes infused into the vibrant colour paint mix. ART That Heals Art That Heals (aka Abstract Energy ART) is a terminology that I like to […]

Energetic Abstractions Emerges

Energetic Abstractions emerges as a visual arts creative business venture based in the Perth Hills of Western Australia and is solely owned and operated by creative entrepreneur Abstract Energy ARTist Rosetta Elsner (aka Rosetta Elsner ARTist).