Abstract Energy ART

Abstract Energy ART is simply a variation of conventional Abstract Artwork and is generally non-figurative.

Energetic Abstractions Abstract Energy ARTworks have been painted with intentional creative expression and positive energy vibes infused into the vibrant colour paint mix.  You could call it Painting With A Purpose.

Painting With A Purpose

The purpose of my paintings is to help relieve me of PAIN (if only temporarily) and this is done by the actual creative process of painting as well as with the end result … the finished ARTwork (before and after it is hung on display).

Hence I call them my PAINt Relief ARTworks because the very act of creating them has brought me some relief if only momentarily of my bone pain.

A piece of Abstract Energy ARTwork has the awesome ability to heal not only whilst you are painting it but also whilst you are looking at it.  How?  Because the vibrant colour and/or colours that dominate the artwork will consist of differential energy wavelengths and frequencies that convey different feelings and meanings to the observer.

A vibrantly coloured piece of Abstract Energy ARTwork essentially has the power to alter the energy within the room that it has been placed in because they enhance positive energy vibrations and overall well-being and how it is able to do this will depend on how the finished artwork looks like.

It could be highly textured with movement that seems to create an energy flow all of their own that has been painted onto it by using effects such as glitter paint to enhance the textured features, etc.

Think of the artwork as being somewhat similar to a chemical-based mood altering substance but in reality it obviously is not.

Instead the artwork have been created from a non-chemical-based mood altering substance (the artist’s creative expression and choice of paint colours and effects).

The decor that you choose to display within your home expresses so much more than just your personality as it also emits energy, mood, colour/s, texture and feelings whether you are aware of it or not.

Imagine yourself entering a room when you are in a not-so-good mood and upon you viewing a particular piece or pieces of Abstract Energy ART on display in that room you start to feel some happy vibes kicking in and soon you find yourself smiling instead of frowning.

Abstract Energy ARTworks have the power and the ability to transform your emotional state of mind and in doing so activates healing of sorts by using the colours and creative expression (this is the abstract bit of the artwork) to produce an element of positive energy and vibrational frequencies which will benefit your well-being and enhance the process of self-healing.

Abstract Energy ART is created with only good intentions to help bring back your SMILE … painting with a Purpose!


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