Creative Visualization With Colour

If you have read through my website you will know that I have been searching for answers to manage long-term chronic pain using predominately Holistic techniques.

One of my favourites is Creative Visualization with or without the additional benefit of incorporating Colour into this ‘creative relaxation’ process.

Creative Visualization

Creative Visualization is a simple, gentle technique that initially does take time and patience to master as it takes the individual (can easily accommodate a group session) through a step-by-step exercise of conscious breathing that with positive intentions will help to align the physical body by dissolving stress and anxiety and the many other symptoms that result from these conditions.  It will also benefit the development of the intellect by increasing clarity and creativity.

Awakening yourself (and/or others) to this practice promotes good health and physical balance.  Inhaling colour during creative relaxation sessions can help to break through many behavioural barriers that create imbalance of body, mind and spirit within the individual utilizing these conscious breathing techniques.

The intention of this type of creative relaxation exercise is to introduce the individual (and/or group) to the process of visualizing colour whether it be only one colour or a variety of colours with each exercise.  This will encourage the individual to begin to work with the creative aspect within themselves whilst they are in a relaxed breathing state.

Visualize Coloured Balloons

Personally I love to use Colour, in particular I visualize coloured balloons whilst I undergo either creative visualization or creative relaxation.

This technique, once mastered, is a ‘visually benefiting’ practice because you are simply storing a picture/image within your mind/body of a specific energetic pattern that is causing you imbalance which with all good intentions be released upon your exhaled breath.

For example, if you were experiencing an episode of Anger you would visualize the colour blue or a blue balloon.

You would see yourself breathing in the colour blue or you could see and feel yourself  blowing up this blue balloon with each breath … inhaling and exhaling deeply into this blue balloon.

Once you have reached a point of relaxed calm (hence this technique is sometimes referred to as creative relaxation) you should now see yourself tying a knot in your blue balloon.

Now it is time to let it go whilst you watch your blue balloon drift skywards, moving further and further away until it vanishes from your sight.  When you can no longer see your blue balloon that is your sign that you have released your anger.

You can add another element to this exercise by painting, drawing or writing in your Art Journal what you saw and felt during the process of ‘creative relaxation’ as a visual reminder of the healing work that has just taken place.

Creative Visualization will assist all individuals who practice it daily as a form of relaxation and a process to release all negative energies, behavioural patterns, illnesses, anxieties and adrenalin that are creating blockages and imbalances within.

Breathe In Breathe Out

It really is as simple as intentionally changing your mindset by closing your eyes and allowing yourself to visually absorb the beauty of colour as you Breathe In and then let go of any negative energies when you Breathe Out.


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