Fatigue – A Treatable Fact Of Life

Fatigue is rife in the late twentieth century and probably never before have the people of the western civilization been collectively so tired.

Tiredness can rob us of our appetite for food, the pleasure of good companionship, joy in marriage, home and children, healthy sleep and even diminish our work satisfaction.

It can also lead to accidents in the home or workplace or more importantly on the road.

One definition of Fatigue is ‘a weariness from bodily or mental exertion; a temporary diminution of the excitability or functioning of organs and tissues or cells after excessive exertion or stimulation; a weakening of the material subjected to stress’.

Fatigue = Loss Of Energy

In other words, Fatigue is basically a Loss of Energy and in a healthy person this energy ( or chi/vitality) is evenly distributed over and through our body.

It is the essential amount of energy that is necessary to conduct our daily life.

Our vitality ebbs and flows through our veins and arteries as blood is pumped vigorously when exercising, gently when sleeping, continuously whilst working and only stops with the absence of life.

Like the ocean, our life forever ebbs and flows in a rhythm pulsing with our breath as our needs are met whether by day or by night.

Our body functions can be measured in health through our breath, our pulses, our blood pressure and by observation of our sheer vitality.

Lack of energy causes lethargy, tiredness and exhaustion.

Our health is a triangle, a balance of forces. Each side affects the other and no side is independent of the other two sides.

If this delicate balance is disturbed then the result is firstly, Fatigue as our energies are taken up in restoring order, secondly, Pain as we suffer the consequences and finally, Disease as the body and mind mechanisms break down.

CAUSES OF TIREDNESS – (some of these three categories may overlap and interlace)


Structural Misalignments (Spine, Shoulders, Pelvis, Neck out-of-place)

Long-term Incorrect/Bad Posture


Emotional State of Mind

General Behaviour

Sexual Potency

Sleep Patterns (Lack of/Insomnia and/or Excess)


Food Allergies

Other Allergies

Glandular Malfunctions

Immunological Breakdown

Dietary Excess or Deficiencies






Reiki Healing

Energy Healing




Relaxation Techniques


Art Therapy

Music/Sound Therapy

Group Therapy Sessions


Specialist Doctor/Practitioner






Modern life is full of endless tensions – whether it is catching a plane on time, to remembering to collect the kids from school, meeting deadlines, etc.

There is so much that you can do to help yourself regain and maintain your energy, given expert guidance as well as actual treatment, I have listed those that come to mind or those that I have actually used for myself as I combat fatigue and chronic pain.

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