Holistic Colour / Holistic Color

Holistic Colour or Holistic Color whichever you resonate with (for me being Australian it is obviously Colour) is what I like to refer to when I am using colour for holistic wellbeing as in Colour Therapy.

Every now and again you make a connection with a like-minded kindred spirit who totally understands the message that you are trying to send … they simply get it (and probably you too)!

Decorating By Donna

This happened to me last week when I met online Donna Frasca from Decorating By Donna, whom like me has a passion for all things colour, in particular the important role that colour plays in Holistic Healing ~ Holistic Colour/Color.

Donna Frasca is a Certified Color Specialist and Interior Designer from Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

Donna is a Colour Expert whose knowledge of colour is mind-blowing but don’t just take my word for it, check out her website/blog by clicking on the link above and you will see why I am excited to have connected with Donna!

Colour/Color now plays a significant role in my life.

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