How To Make The Law Of Attraction Work For You

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Whether you believe in the Law of Attraction or not, or you are aware of it or not, the power that is the Law of Attraction is already out working for you.

As with a lot of things in life there is a lot of good and bad information about the Law of Attraction out there on the internet as well as in the marketplace.

I hope to be able to provide you with a simple explanation of what exactly is the Law of Attraction and how easy it is for you to be able to put its principles into practice and make it work for you by manifesting your deepest desires.

What Is The Law Of Attraction

First things first, is what the Law of Attraction is not.

The Law of Attraction is not some recently made-up money-making new-age fad.

Instead the Law of Attraction is a very powerful energy force that is largely unseen by you, which goes about attracting people, relationships, job and career options and placements, monetary gain through wealth creation and practically anything and everything else that you so desire and occasionally some things that you may not have desired.

By eliminating negativity and negative thoughts in your life and focusing on positive outcomes and thoughts, the principles behind the Law of Attraction will help you to manifest a better life.

You attract into your life whatever it is that you give your attention, your energy and your focus to, whether it be positive or negative. You will only get back in return what you are prepared to put in, good or bad.

How Do We Know That It Is The Law Of Attraction At Work?

The Law of Attraction has been described as being a connection between the universal energy source matter that surrounds us and our thoughts. It is a law of nature which states that every atom of your being is in constant response to, whether you know it or not.

You would certainly be familiar with words and expressions such as ‘it happened straight out-of-the-blue’ or ‘it just fell into place’ or ‘it was meant to be’ or it must be luck, karma, fate, coincidence, serendipity and/or synchronicity. Each and every one of these words and expressions are evidence of the Law of Attraction taking place.

Every single one of us at any given moment send out a myriad of negative and positive vibrations of energy. The Law of Attraction responds to the energy vibration to you have emitted by matching your vibration by giving you more of the same in return, whether it be positive or negative vibrations.

An example of this is if you were to wake up in a cranky mood you have started out your day by sending out a negative vibration. You pop in a couple of pieces of toast and you forget about so upon remembering them you find that they have been overcooked and have gone cold and rock hard to eat. Well this is not going to help cheer up your already cranky mood so you end up emitting even more negative energy vibrations and so the Law of Attraction that is in play for you ends up sending you even more of the same negative vibrations in return until you break out of your negative thought pattern.

In simple terms, the Law of Attraction will always match your vibration, whether it is negative or positive. What you dish out is what you should expect in return so if you find yourself more than likely than not in negative situations then it is imperative that you first learn about switching your mindset and thought patterns over to become somewhat more positive … then watch how your life changes.

The Power Of Your Words And Thoughts

What comes out of your mouth and what you think about subconsciously inside your head plays a monumental role in how successful you will be in manifesting positive outcomes for yourself.

Do not ever forget for one minute that every single one of your thoughts are made up of words.

If you only believe in negativity, then negative things you shall receive. If you constantly say and think things like ‘I can’t afford it’ or ‘I never have any money’ or you open up your wallet and there is no money to be seen, by you observing that there is no money inside your wallet you will emit a negative vibration of lack and scarcity and although you may not be wanting this vibration and you are certainly not doing it on purpose, the Law of Attraction is only responding to your vibration and giving you more of the same.

Learn to eliminate using the words Don’t, Not and No from your vocabulary.  If only for the reason that your unconscious and conscious mind will automatically filter out these words and when you use these negative words you are actually internalizing in your mind the exact thing that you are being told not to.


An example of this is if someone asks you not to think about something, it is highly likely that you will end up thinking about what it was that you were asked not to because your unconscious and conscious mind has edited out that part of the instruction given that asked you not to do it.

Another way to explain it is to understand that the Law of Attraction responds the same way that your mind does, as it will hear what you don’t want it to and act on it.

So when you hear yourself making statements that contain the words DON’T, NOT or NO in them, you are actually giving attention and energy to something that you really DON’T want not something that you really DO want.

When you ask yourself what it is that you DO want, the answer will have created a new sentence with new words that will change the negative vibration into a positive one and it is a positive vibration that is emitted, hence it is a positive response you will receive back from the Law of Attraction as you can only send out one vibration at a time.

It is your choice … only you are responsible for emitting either a negative vibration or positive vibration.

Making The Law Of Attraction Work For You

How do we do it, simply by resetting our mindset from negative to positive and emit positive vibrations that will respond by sending positive energy vibrations back to you.

So how do you go about resetting your mindset. Simply put, to reset your vibration just change the words that come out of your mouth and the thoughts that reside inside your head.

The Law of Attraction does not store your words and thoughts away for later use, instead it responds to the energy vibration that you are sending out right now in this very moment of time and it is giving you more of the same energy vibration right back to you.

To be successful with the workings of the Law of Attraction you have to change your mindset, identify your desire, that is what is it that you really and truly want, make sure that you spend time giving your wants and desires proper positive attention and finally to actually allow the manifestation process to happen by believing that it will actually happen.

Although the Law of Attraction acts upon your words and thoughts emitted at every given moment, this does not mean that the responding energy vibration gets back to you equally as quick. In other words, some manifestations will happen much more quickly than others.

The Law of Attraction is no get rich quick scheme or a fraudulent scam hashed up by a bunch of mung-bean New-Ager’s.

It is very real and it is brought into being as a result of the things that you do and the things that you say, in other words, your actions determine the consequences that occur from them.

You are not only what you eat but you are what you say and do, just remember that!


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