Reiki Energy Healing FAQ’s

Reiki Energy Healing – Answers To Commonly Asked Questions?
Reiki – A System Of Natural Healing

Reiki Energy Healing is a natural system of healing by laying on of hands that is taught through initiations and involves transmitting a special form of subtle, non-polar life energy.

Reiki’s special quality is the cleansing and activating of the healing channel through the ceremony of initiation and the simplicity of its application by the laying on of hands.

The Reiki initiation can only be given through a Reiki Master whom through the use of symbols and mantras is able to transform and channel a universal life energy (spiritual healing power) into the recipient.

Any person who has been initiated into Reiki is in contact with the universal life energy through his/her’s specifically activated healing channel and Reiki flows powerfully through his/her’s initiated hands wherever they put their hands on a recipient who attracts such healing energy through his/her’s own vibrations.

Together with the initiation, the Reiki student also receives instructions in the application of Reiki and how he/she can lay on their hands for him/herself or for others in order to make possible an optimal flow of Reiki.

The Reiki student will become increasingly familiar with how to deal with this force in a natural and simple manner.

The Reiki hand positions are no secret and can be used by anyone, even without Reiki Initiation. However, this should not be mistaken for Reiki and/or Reiki Energy Healing and is also not substitute for the initiation into Reiki which brings the healing channel and the energy level of the initiated person into a lasting vibration of light.

This vibration of light allows the healing, the divine flow of energy to stream through the hands in a natural way ay any time on its own, without any effort, without a person having to visualize, activate or maintain inner images or ideas.

With the Reiki initiation, the Reiki student learns that he/she is ‘just a channel for Reiki’ for the universal life energy that flows through him/her from the highest divine source full of trust and in the knowledge that it flows into the areas where it is needed in precisely the required intensity.

Why Does Reiki Work?

The source of Reiki is Universal and questioning an Intelligent Source is totally normal and to be expected for we humans always question why something works that we physically cannot see … I mean, why does the Sun shine?

This is a difficult answer to put into words because I truly believe that every person needs to experience Reiki and Reiki Healing for themselves to remotely understand the healing system that is Reiki.

Why Are You Initiated Into Reiki and Is It Really Necessary?

The Reiki initiation is a part of a gentle sacred ceremony, founded by Dr Usui that has been passed on from one Reiki Master to another.

What happens during a Reiki initiation is that the Reiki student is brought into alignment with the Universal Life Energy force. The Reiki student is not given anything that he/she does not already have.

An example is of an out-of-tune radio that needs slight adjusting to bring it back in-tune so that the reception is clearer and more direct.

Irrespective of how aware or how much growth work has been done over the years, it is still necessary to undergo a Reiki initiation because the initiation is an element of the form of Reiki and a unique part of the Reiki Energy Healing system.

The Reiki initiation helps awaken an innate power within you to assist you on your journey.

Do You Need Specific Qualifications To Practice Reiki?


All that is required is the willingness to be open to receive Reiki through initiation.

Reiki is for everyone, everywhere and is simply an individual’s choice to give and receive Reiki.

What Happens To You When You Give Reiki?

Once you have become initiated into Reiki you are like a beacon, a piece of conduit, a channel for the Universal Life Energy to flow through.

The moment you make contact with the body the energy flows.

The energy flows through you and out of your hands into the recipients body to awaken the natural healing ability in that person’s body.

What Do You Have To Do When Giving Reiki?

Once you have been initiated into Reiki, simply going through the motions of saying the mantras, a signing before placing your hands over the recipient’s body is sufficient for you to pass on Reiki Healing.

You do have to think, or visualize or meditate … you just simply have to be willing to give so that the recipient may receive, ‘be in the moment’, relax and enjoy the healing session.

What Will A Person Feel When They Receive A Reiki Treatment?

Sometimes you may feel heat or coolness or a tingling sensation. You may experience all three or just one or two or it is possible for some recipients to feel very little or nothing at all although this is quite rare.

I like to think that all recipients receiving Reiki Healing for the first time allow themselves to let go of expectations and to be able to open up their minds and relax their bodies enough to feel the energy transfer.

I know that when I give a Reiki Treatment that I feel heat and tingling sensations especially in my hands and that I yawn quite a bit as the energy transfer (energy channeling) is taking place.

As I have said before, you really do need to try out a Reiki Treatment session for yourself before you can even begin to contemplate what it is that you will feel and encounter.

As A Reiki Practitioner Should I Charge For My Services?

This is a question that is quite challenging to answer as it really is a matter of personal opinion and belief.

In this society, people measure most things worth in monetary values and they just might think that if they do not pay (even a small amount) for a service that they have received that it is worth very little or is worthless.

I believe that for someone to part with their hard-earned money once they have received a Reiki Treatment is part of the overall commitment that they have made to themselves as part of helping themselves to get better, obtain better health, alleviate stress, aid in relaxation, etc.

Although a Reiki Practitioner has not had to study for years to earn themselves a qualification such as a Degree, they still had to participate in Reiki Training and go through a Reiki Initiation which all would have cost them money and time.

I believe that everybody deserves to be able to make a fair wage for their services so go ahead and charge what you would feel comfortable in paying if you were to personally receive such treatment for yourself.

It is wise to be somewhat flexible when setting your charge rates. You could even so far as offering those regular clientele who you know are struggling financially a payment plan to help them pay off their debt to you.

You will know what is best and what it is that you need to do.

How Long Should Each Reiki Treatment Session Last?

This will vary depending on many factors surrounding the Reiki session such as how long does the recipient have or long do you have (unless you are conducting a Professional Reiki Practitioner business with set appointment times, etc).

I was taught to allow at least one to one and a half hours to conduct a ‘whole body’ treatment session which means that you can allow up to 5 minutes on each hand position but as mentioned previously ‘the energy’ will dictate the required time spent on treatment.

Can A Reiki Practitioner Give Too Much Reiki?

I really don’t think that a Reiki Practitioner can give out too much Reiki because their intuition will usually guide them as to when enough is enough and that it is time to stop.

The recipient of your Reiki Energy Healing treatment will start to show signs of becoming restless and this usually means that they have received enough for that particular session.

What Ailments Can Be Treated By Reiki?

If a recipient is open to receive then just about everything can be treated as there are no boundaries to receiving a Reiki Treatment, only the restrictions that we place upon it ourselves.

Reiki helps to alleviate pain, stress, insomnia and just about anything that you can think of will be able to be helped in some way by receiving Reiki Treatment.

The only ‘No-No’ where Reiki Treatment should not be administered is when a person has a suspected broken bone (or knowingly has a broken bone) as the Reiki treatment could possibly ‘set it’ so it is better to give Reiki Treatment once the bone has been set in a plaster cast and is repaired.

By all means you can give a Reiki Treatment in the areas surrounding the broken bone as doing this will help relax the person and hasten the healing process but never on top of the actual break.

Reiki Energy Healing can be most beneficial to recipients who already have a terminal illness, not by offering to cure them but by giving them healing in a way that we may not necessarily expect such as helping them to find their own spirit and in doing so hastens the healing process of making the transition from this world into to next.

Finding an inner peace to be able to let go.

When Treating Specific Ailments/Illnesses How Long Should I Keep My Hands In Position?

Again, as mentioned previously you must allow ‘the energy’ to dictate to you the amount of time required on each position.

Remember that not all of us have learned ‘instantaneous healing’ so the longer that you direct energy to the desired place the better the results will be.

You may sometimes find that when you try to move your hands to another position that they feel as if they are stuck or glued to that spot. View this as the energy source telling you to stay put, it is not time to change positions.

There may be other instances when the recipient has had enough, the energy is different in your hands and it could be described as ‘switching off’. If and when this happens do not despair, just take note from your guidance and listen to the Reiki energy and your own intuition as to what to do next.

If You Give Reiki Can You Pick Up Other Peoples Ailments, etc?


A person who is giving a Reiki Treatment to a recipient cannot pick up their ailment, illness or disease, nor can we pass any on to them.

With that said let common sense and responsibility be first and foremost in your mind especially when dealing with illnesses such as common colds, flus, viruses, chicken pox, measles, mumps, etc that are easily transmittable and it is up to the individual Reiki Practitioner as to whether he/she performs a Reiki Treatment when either he/she and/or the recipient is contagious with such illnesses.

How Often Should A Person Receive A Reiki Treatment?

If you are not a Reiki Channel (or Reiki Practitioner) then the amount of Reiki that you receive will need to be decided by you.

If you are a Reiki Channel, then apart from your own daily self-treatments receiving a complete Reiki treatment from another Reiki Practitioner is always enjoyable and beneficial.

If you have not been initiated into Reiki then a monthly, fortnightly or even weekly Reiki Treatment will help you to bring about a sense of well-being and assist relaxation.

If you have a severe ailment, disease or illness then it would be advisable to have a Reiki Treatment everyday at least for up to four days followed by ongoing weekly treatments until the problem has been rectified.

You will be your own best judge at how often you require Reiki Treatment and remember that it does not really matter the number of Reiki Treatments that you receive because it cannot harm you in any way, shape or form instead it brings out the good.


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