Why Am I So Tired and Fatigued?

Why Do We Get Tired and Feel Fatigued?
Why Am I So Tired and Fatigued?

I have been asking questions such as the ones I have listed below for a number of years to many a medically-trained physician, specialist, general practitioner, pain doctor, psychologist, alternative therapy practitioners, family, friends and even the family dog when I have been desperate enough to want an answer.

Why do we get tired?

Why do we get fatigued?

Why am I so tired?

What is causing me to always feel tired?

Why is it that some people are constantly tired whilst others are not?

Why is it that I am eating exactly the same highly nutritious foods as my husband and children but it is always me that feels like ‘death warmed up’.

Why does it take an Iron Infusion to bring back some ‘normality’ into my life?

I have had many different answers to my questions but overall the majority have concluded that there are many different physical, chemical and mental causes of fatigue and that tiredness is treatable once the cause is known.

My Encounter With A Most Knowledgeable Young Man!

I was visiting friends and found myself having a very interesting conversation with a friend of my friends who I had not met before (yeah I know it sounds very clich

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