Why Am I So Tired and Fatigued?

Why Do We Get Tired and Feel Fatigued?
Why Am I So Tired and Fatigued?

I have been asking questions such as the ones I have listed below for a number of years to many a medically-trained physician, specialist, general practitioner, pain doctor, psychologist, alternative therapy practitioners, family, friends and even the family dog when I have been desperate enough to want an answer.

Why do we get tired?

Why do we get fatigued?

Why am I so tired?

What is causing me to always feel tired?

Why is it that some people are constantly tired whilst others are not?

Why is it that I am eating exactly the same highly nutritious foods as my husband and children but it is always me that feels like ‘death warmed up’.

Why does it take an Iron Infusion to bring back some ‘normality’ into my life?

I have had many different answers to my questions but overall the majority have concluded that there are many different physical, chemical and mental causes of fatigue and that tiredness is treatable once the cause is known.

My Encounter With A Most Knowledgeable Young Man!

I was visiting friends and found myself having a very interesting conversation with a friend of my friends who I had not met before (yeah I know it sounds very clichéd, but it is what happened so keep reading).

Turns out this friend of my friends had been told by them (my friends that is) that I would be a ‘person of interest’ for him to talk to.

After introducing himself and the usual ‘small-talk’ that accompanies meeting someone new, he then went on to say that he was doing a PhD and the topic was Fatigue, it’s Causes and it’s Affects/Effects, etc, etc and he also mentioned that he was amazed that “I did not actually look sick” (give me a $ for every time I have heard that and I would probably have paid off the house by now).

‘Hal-la-bloomin-yu-lea … I actually have standing in front of me someone who is actually interested in what I have to say, I thought to myself as I agreed to share some of my firsthand experiences of living with constantly feeling tired (and being in pain).

This folks, is what he had to say to me (makes interesting reading) … Have You Ever Heard of ‘Fatigue Toxins’?

He started off asking me if I had ever heard of ‘fatigue toxins’? I replied that I did not think so.

Fatigue can actually be considered as a kind of poisoning!

When a muscle in the body works, it produces lactic acid and if we remove the lactic acid from a tired muscle it is able to start working again.

In the course of a day we ‘poison ourselves’ with lactic acid. There are other substances that the body produces in the course of muscular activity which are known as ‘fatigue toxins’.

The blood carries these ‘fatigue toxins’ through the body so that not only the muscle itself feels tired but the entire body, especially the brain ends up feeling tired and fatigued.  In other words, Brain Fog!

He went on to say that whilst researching this subject he came across a document that mentioned how scientists have developed an interesting experiment about fatigue.

If a dog is made to work until it is exhausted and falls asleep and its blood is then transfused into the body of another dog, the second dog will almost instantly become ‘tired’ and fall asleep. If the blood of a wide-awake dog is transfused into a tired, sleeping dog, the latter will wake up at once, no longer tired. Go figure!!!

Mysterious Fatigue!!

But, he went on to say, fatigue is not just a chemical process, it is also a biological process.

We human’s cannot just ‘remove fatigue’ but we must allow the cells of the body to rest as damages must be repaired, nerve cells of the brain must be ‘recharged’, the joints of the body must replace used-up lubricants and most importantly we must have restorative sleep.

Sleep will always be necessary as a way of restoring the energy after fatigue.

However, he said, there is an interesting thing to remember about the process of resting. For example, a person who has been working hard at his/hers desk for hours may not want to lie down when they are tired – they might rather go out for a walk instead of having a rest as they may feel guilty for not doing any exercise or movement whilst sitting down at their desk. Another example is when children come home from school and they want to keep playing outside instead of coming in to lie down and rest.

Why? The reason is that if only a certain part of the body is tired, say the brain, the eyes, the hands or the legs – the best way to make that part feel fresh again is to make other parts of the body active.

He went on to say that we can actually rest by means of activity (sounded like gobbly-gook to me) because activity increase the respiration, the blood circulates faster, the glands are more active and the waste products are eliminated from the tired part of the body.

But if you are totally exhausted, he totally recommended that the best thing to do is get some sleep! (easier said than done for some people).

Treat Your ‘Fatigue Toxins’

Treating fatigue and ‘fatigue toxins’ is totally do-able.

You fight fatigue by eating a healthy balanced diet, drinking plenty of water, watching your weight and shed any excess unhealthy weight, taking time out to do some form of exercise, taking time out to just rest, relax, and finally with sleep.

If you regularly try each and every one of the above mentioned treatments and you still find that you are constantly tired and fatigued then get it checked out.

It could be something as simple as taking over the counter Iron tablets or having regular Iron Infusions as I have to do.

Whatever you do, do not fall in the trap of making excuses for being fatigued and tired – for your own peace of mind investigate why you feel tired and get it sorted!


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