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Ode To John Wick Gallery

Energetic Abstractions ARTist Portfolio – Ode To John Wick (PAINt Relief of the Heart) Gallery

As a creative being I tend to draw inspiration to paint from all aspects of my life whether it be PAINt Relief focused or not … I like to refer to it as the good, the bad and the ugly of every day living as not all days are “chocolates and roses” days!

I painted this contemplative series of Abstract Energy ARTworks onto canvas sheeting whilst I was in the process of “warming myself up” to start painting some larger Consignment pieces.

I was in the mood for something energetic so I cranked up the electronica music of Le Castle Vania on the John Wick movie soundtrack (you know the movie starring my favourite actor Keanu Reeves in the lead role) and with paintbrush in hand I got to work playing around with the triage of red, orange and yellow colours.

My “Ode to John Wick” energetic abstractions are solely my personal ARTistic interpretation of a different kind of PAINt Relief … one of mending the hurting heart-space of a grieving man whose pain causes him to seek revenge for his loss and heartache.

© Energetic Abstractions 2015.


Feb 2106 News : They have just finished filming “John Wick : Chapter 2” so I guess that I will be painting even more “Ode to John Wick” Abstract Energy ARTworks in the future whilst jamming to the new soundtracks electronica beat!!  🙂


NOTE:  If you are interested in purchasing any of these ORIGINAL Abstract Energy ARTworks then please send me an EMAIL with the correct name of the artwork so that I can check to see if it is still available for purchase or if a PRINT has been made available of it for sale to the general public.