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PAINt Relief Abstractions Gallery (CPS/CS)

PAINT AWAY PAIN – PAINt Relief Abstractions Gallery (CPS/CS)

Abstract Energy ARTwork pieces which convey my personal journey of experimenting with and using colour to help awaken my own creativity and thereby enhance the self-healing process whilst finding pain-relief (aka Paint Away Pain – PAINt Relief art).

These PAINt Relief ARTworks were created whilst experiencing pain-flare up’s and instead of reaching for the pain-killers I picked up a paint brush to express my intention in ‘painting away my pain and pain-demons’.

The colours become more vibrant as I began to manage my pain better and these ARTworks have been painted using Acrylic Paint or Heavy Bodied Acrylic Paint on either A3 or A4 sized Canvas Paper Sheeting (CPS) or Canvas Sheeting (CS).

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