Being Creative Helps You Heal

Creativity is a healing force and creative expression is a fundamental source of health and wellness for our body and our emotions as well as for our mind and spirit.

I use the modality of creativity to live well with pain because I truly believe that focusing on being creative helps you heal … mind, body and soul.

I let my intuition (and natural curiosity) guide me as to what feels right, knowing that I already have within me everything that I need to fully experience artistic expression as a source of transformation and well-being.

Art and artistic expression helps us be able to make meaning of our creative imagination in powerful and dramatic ways through the use of colour, symbols and images.

The transformative capacity of art and imagery also helps convey our deepest feelings, gives a voice to our spirit and helps us to transcend suffering by helping us to heal ourselves and others.  It uncovers the natural medicine found within all of us.

Creative expression is definitely good for you.  I believe that it is just as important to your overall health and well-being as is balanced nutrition, regular exercise, meditation and pain-management.

Everything in moderation right!

Art has served us as a means to repair and renew the self via the power of our own unique healing agent our creative imagination and self-expression which helps us create new ways of seeing and being in the world.

The simple act of art making nourishes our inner self and connects us with the outer world via nature and community, locally, nationally and internationally.

Art making is an “awakening agent” which is available to everyone.

Art and artistic expression is a constant agent of transformation and is indeed a purposeful remedy for those of us in search of well-being.

Creative expression and art-making can most certainly be a life-changing practice, with or without you having any formal art-based training/education.

For example, I am a self-taught artist and I create my abstractions only from intuition, nothing is ever planned in advanced; not even the paint colours that I will use.

Art-making has led me on a journey of Holistic Creativity, prompting a life-line of creative expression, revelation, restoration, renewal and of course healing.

It is through creative expression and our imagination that we naturally find ourselves developing new life-stories and experiences as we discover that there is more to life beyond our pain, suffering and illness.

This is how we give our pain a voice and art as medicine is the manifestation of our innate creative drive to seek better health and well-being.