Give Yourself Permission To Play

Rosetta Elsner ARTist
October 1, 2016
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Give yourself permission to play by tapping into your authentic self and releasing your inner child’s ability to express what you are feeling through creative expression and I do not just mean art-making.

With expressive arts there are no limitations as to what you can use to help you to express yourself.

Let your imagination run wild when it comes to choosing a medium to express your own unique creativity preference.

Through all manner of expressive arts you will bring about healing to you if you just give yourself permission to play and most importantly permission to create without worrying too much about what the final result will look like.

When you give yourself permission to let go of how the end result will look you can surprise yourself with the depth of rich, colourful emotion that can emerge onto the page and/or canvas.paintpots image2Expressive Arts allows you to use colour, texture, shapes, symbols, lines, light and dark to express your emotional impressions and feelings without the need to refine it.

The beauty of expressive arts is that there are no limits on what you can use to express yourself and you may like …

to doodle,

to draw figuratively,

to finger paint,

to throw paint blobs,

to squirt paint from a spray bottle,

to paint with a paintbrush using either oil, acrylic or watercolour paint,

to use play-dough,

to use plasticine,

to use clay,

to use mixed media,

to make collages,

to use pastels,

to use crayons,

to colour in using pencils and/or textas,

to write,

to sing,

to dance,

to take walks out in nature, etc ….  it really is totally up to you and your imagination!!paintpots image2Creativity and creative expression is available for everybody and not just for Artists and Children.  It is for every man, woman and child who longs to express their innermost feelings and emotions and create change in doing so.

The expressive arts can provide a pathway forwards for people who want to transform negative feelings and emotions into more constructive forces for good into their life and as a result you may even discover your true self and your life’s purpose.

Creativity happens any time that we create and it most definitely does matter.

It sparks vibrancy in your daily life and the creative part of you must be allowed to make an appearance if you are to thrive even though getting your creativity to flow can be challenging at times.

Tapping into our creative selves can and does provide a powerful healing path for our emotional selves and the expressive arts are most definitely a fun way to help you to re-establish better health and balance in the psyche.

When we allow ourselves to go with the flow and slip into the creating mindset, we are naturally curious, we explore, we experiment and we are more willing to take some amount of risk.  Most people engage in expressive arts exercises without even realizing it.

Our brain is designed to function in a creative mode in its own unique way and when we give our self permission to play and devise creative opportunities then we give our minds, bodies and spirits the opportunities to heal and to grow.

It is the implicit hurts and wounds that we carry which can be a challenge to properly process and heal unless we can find a way to access them, express them and transform them into a force of beneficial good.

Expressive arts is a wonderful tool to help you reconnect to your creative self and it comes with the promise of personal growth for anyone who pursue using it in their own creative ways.

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Being Creative Helps You Heal

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Creativity is a healing force and creative expression is a fundamental source of health and wellness for our body and our emotions as well as for our mind and spirit.

I use the modality of creativity to live well with pain because I truly believe that focusing on being creative helps you heal … mind, body and soul.

I let my intuition (and natural curiosity) guide me as to what feels right, knowing that I already have within me everything that I need to fully experience artistic expression as a source of transformation and well-being.

Art and artistic expression helps us be able to make meaning of our creative imagination in powerful and dramatic ways through the use of colour, symbols and images.

The transformative capacity of art and imagery also helps convey our deepest feelings, gives a voice to our spirit and helps us to transcend suffering by helping us to heal ourselves and others.  It uncovers the natural medicine found within all of us.


Creative expression is definitely good for you.  I believe that it is just as important to your overall health and well-being as is balanced nutrition, regular exercise, meditation and pain-management.

Everything in moderation right!

Art has served us as a means to repair and renew the self via the power of our own unique healing agent our creative imagination and self-expression which helps us create new ways of seeing and being in the world.

The simple act of art making nourishes our inner self and connects us with the outer world via nature and community, locally, nationally and internationally.

Art making is an “awakening agent” which is available to everyone.

Art and artistic expression is a constant agent of transformation and is indeed a purposeful remedy for those of us in search of well-being.

Creative expression and art-making can most certainly be a life-changing practice, with or without you having any formal art-based training/education.

For example, I am a self-taught artist and I create my abstractions only from intuition, nothing is ever planned in advanced; not even the paint colours that I will use.

Art-making has led me on a journey of Holistic Creativity, prompting a life-line of creative expression, revelation, restoration, renewal and of course healing.

It is through creative expression and our imagination that we naturally find ourselves developing new life-stories and experiences as we discover that there is more to life beyond our pain, suffering and illness.

This is how we give our pain a voice and art as medicine is the manifestation of our innate creative drive to seek better health and well-being.

Jeweled Abstractions #1
© Energetic Abstractions 2012

I choose the medicine of Artistic Expression rather than suppress my creativity.

I seek out the creative source that resides within me and allow it to flourish.

In doing so I now seek out and claim my innate creativity during bouts of pain and illness before I reach out for the contents within my medicine cabinet.

Your imagination, dreams, visions and creative urges are all prompts of creative expression that is encouraging you to rediscover who you are and all that you can be by sourcing better health and well-being … kick your pain-demons to the kerb!


This is the article that after reading it prompted me to write the above post.


Invisible Illness – PAINTing Out The Pain

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Invisible Illness, no matter what name it is given, be it Fibromyalgia, CFS, ME, MPN/MPD, Anaemia (and I am not referring to your everyday pop an Iron Supplement Anaemia), etc is an absolute insipid life-changer and unfortunately for a few people it can also become a life-ender.

I personally searched for many years for the answers as to why I was in such chronic pain when I had not actually hurt myself in any way.  During this time I was diagnosed with having Fibromyalgia (and many other ‘possibilities’), which I now know was actually brought on because of the stress of not really knowing the actual true cause and the unbearable frustration of always having to justify my “invisible illness” whether it be to family, friends or the medical fraternity.

My fibromyalgia muscular-pain more or less disappeared once I was correctly diagnosed and treated for the actual cause of my pain … bone-pain, a nasty side effect of being a Chronic Anaemic.  

With this said, to anybody who suffers chronic pain, pain is pain and the difference between it being a life-changer or life-ender is basically how that particular person copes with the everyday management of their pain and the advice that they receive.

Mental health is one important area that needs to be given top priority as does any treatment that can help change a pained person’s mindset and/or outlook on their life (with or without pain).

I consider myself to be one of the lucky ones whom with time and support was able to successfully self-manage my bone-pain by combining general Allopathic, Haematologic and various Non-Allopathic methods to alleviate pain flare-ups.

My own pain management journey had me pick up a paintbrush and PAINt out the Pain that was frustrating the hell out of me!

As a result, I now offer support and guidance to others experiencing pain by showing them how they can use creative expression to help them bring some relief to their own pain.

I call this my PAINt Relief method and you will find examples of Abstract Energy ARTworks that I have painted whilst facilitating such PAINt Relief either just for myself or with others.


The reason for me writing this particular ART Blog post is because I have just finished reading Fibromyalgia – An Artists Perspective that was written by Jenny Schwarz and published by The National Pain Report (USA) in recognition of Fibromyalgia Awareness Day which is held annually on May 12 (two days ago) … it felt like in parts that I was reading my own story!

This article totally resonated with me and I found myself nodding in agreement with practically everything that Jenny Schwarz had to say especially the part about Painting when in Pain.  That is exactly what I did and still do although these days I am known to paint just because I love to paint (pain or no pain).

These are just some of the things that Jenny wrote that I could have easily written and to read the entire article you just need to click on this link …

 Fibromyalgia – An Artists Perspective

I only paint when I’m in pain.

When I’m hurting, I paint the pain into the painting.

“There are things you can do to help yourself.  I refuse to be controlled by the pain.

No hardship or hurt I have ever experienced in my life has been as bad as this one. Nothing I have faced could have prepared me for the utter pain and destruction this disease has given me.

While this pain is a curse, I also now understand it’s changed me and for the better.

I will always play my part in raising awareness for Invisible Illness, especially encouraging others to do as I have done and that is to try PAINTing Out The Pain as part of their overall self-care pain management.


Visualizing Healing Colours

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Our imagination is possibly the greatest healing tool that we possess because it is via our imagination that we can rehearse for a successful positive outcome and we can change old negative patterns by seeing ourselves acting in positive life-enhancing ways.

Visualization is the process of harnessing the power of your mind through using imagery to achieve a specific goal whilst you are in a heightened state of relaxation.

It is not hypnosis and like most things with practice you will learn how to utilize visualizations to find new ways of harnessing your creative powers for enhanced health and well-being.

Each colour has certain qualities which influence us both positively and negatively.

Every colour has a unique therapeutic value and each one can be used to treat a particular physical or emotional problem.

When we are ill our body gives out a distorted and/or disturbed pattern of energetic vibrations.

A simple way to help yourself to attain better health is to think about colour.

Tie-Dyed Heaven
An Energetic Abstractions experiment!
© Energetic Abstractions 2013.

By focusing your thoughts (and in doing so changing your mindset) on colours you will find yourself being drawn to one colour in particular and this will be the colour that you are needing at that particular moment.

When you are visualizing healing colour you would first set your intention before focusing on either a person or thing that you wish to enable healing and then you would visualize or sense what colour or colours that you would need to help heal the recipient.

Then after you have finished you could create a work of art using the colour and/or colours that you visualized.

Perhaps you may want to draw or paint an image or symbol that represents the person or thing that you wish to heal and then surround them or it with an imagistic representation of the colour and/or colours that you have imagined.

For example you would visualize the colour Blue to help reduce the severity of a sore throat or to help reduce blood pressure.

The colour Red would increase blood pressure but it is known to help with anaemia or iron deficiency.

The colour Green is a wonderful balancer and it has antiseptic qualities so would be useful in healing infections.

You can find many informative resources about Visualization, Colour Visualization, Creative Visualization and Guided Visualization online if you are interested in learning more about this simple to implement and unique self-healing tool.


Holistic Healing ~ Holistic Colour/Color

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I have written before about the importance of colour and the significant role that it plays in Holistic Healing … Holistic Colour/Holistic Color = Healing Hues.

I was able to gradually wean myself of prescription pain medication through changing my mindset by opening up my mind and eyes to the world of alternative modalities such as Colour Therapy and Energy Healing.

By utilizing colour and the healing vibrational properties that each colour emits through the rainbow coloured food that I would eat, the clothes that I would wear (yes, you will still see me wearing ‘black’), the colours that now reside in my home and of course the Abstract Energy ARTworks that I would create.

Awaken Chakra Energy
Awaken Chakra Energy
© Energetic Abstractions 2012.

Colour/Color now plays a significant role in my life and I am happy to connect with such like-minded kindred spirits as Donna Frasca from Decorating By Donna who also understands the importance of colour, especially in self-healing.

In my opinion, colour is without a doubt a most beautiful resource to make use of as you awaken your own creativity and holistic healing journey towards improving your health and pain-free well-being.


Healing Art

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I was asked this question the other day … “What is Healing Art?”

I believe that it is when a person uses Art to heal the body, soothe the mind and transform the spirit by actually engaging in either creating or viewing art.

The simple act of creating a visual image on either a piece of paper or on a canvas can produce both physical and emotional benefits for both the creator and the viewer.

There are many levels of healing and many things to be healed.

Art frees the Immune System so it can function at its best, relieve pain, heal depression and raise one’s spirit.

When we make art to heal the creative spirit within us is awakened and arouses our Inner Healer which in turn changes our whole physiology and promotes our mind, body and spirit to heal.

Healing Art is the tool for transformation that people seek in order to enable change.

Art Therapy traditionally places more emphasis on the actual product or artwork created as being the diagnostic tool that the Art Therapist uses to evaluate their client’s emotional state.

Whereas, an Expressive Arts Practitioner would place more emphasis on the actual artistic process and not the artwork created because it is believed that it is only the person who has created the artwork piece who truly knows the meaning inherent in that piece of healing art.

“Unhealthy Chakras”
© Energetic Abstractions 2012

September Is Blood Cancer Awareness Month

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One thing guaranteed is that no matter the year I will never forget that September is Blood Cancer Awareness month.

September Is Blood Cancer Awareness Month
September Is Blood Cancer Awareness Month

In my patch of the planet it is the first day of September today … not only is it the first official day of Spring but it is also the first day in the Blood Cancer Awareness month of promotion.

As this particular type of cancer is very close to my heart I choose to do my part, albeit a small one in the grand scheme of things and support it by promoting it when and wherever I can.

MyeloProliferative Disorder / MPN Awareness Badge

It is never far from my thoughts and I will continue to paint ARTworks that represent Blood and Bone Cancers in honour of those who have lost their battle and for those who are fighting these insipid cancers.

I wish you many pain-free days and pray that a cure is found sooner rather than later.

MPN Hero #1
“MPN Hero #1”
On display @ ASH 2013 PAINt Relief Exhibition, New Orleans USA
© Energetic Abstractions 2013.



ASH 2013 Is About To Become A Reality!

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After months of hard work and many sleepless nights, ASH 2013 is about to become a Reality for me and boy am I excited!

It is no doubt all go in the USA with the ASH 2013 Conference starting this Friday through until 10 December.

I wish everyone involved with the setting up and displaying of my “PAINt Relief” ARTworks (and the other featured American ARTists) every success and look forward very much to seeing photographs of the actual MPN Heroes event when they are made available.

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I would like to recognize Jennifer Ladines’ efforts in supporting me (a novice home-based Visual ARTist who has a holistic self-healing story to tell through my ARTworks) to undertake my first international exhibition.

I am so very grateful to have had Jennifer’s assistance over the past couple of months and am very happy that the both of us are able to be rewarded for our efforts (the only bummer is that I am unable to attend the gala-event and meet Jennifer in person).