Practice Mindfulness to Re-Energize Your Art Business

Rosetta Elsner ARTist
June 1, 2017

Re-Energize Your Creative Venture/Art Business with Mindfulness

I am sure that I would not be the only person to have ever had some serious doubts, been regularly stressed out about failure or have actually feared the real or imaginary obstacles that stand in your way of being an artist, raise your hand up if this is you too!!

Lets face it, having an art career is challenging enough without you and me bringing along self-doubt, stress, and fear into the equation which usually only ends up making the arts business practice even more difficult than it is already.

So what if I told you that there are a number of simple to implement solutions that can help you (and not forgetting me) to overcome these “being stuck” problems and in doing so we will even become more productive at the same time.

How is this possible you ask?  The answer my friend is Mindfulness.

I will explain in this post the five ways from how to start practicing Mindfulness to how it will transform your bad habits can help you to revitalize your art business as it has done mine.

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Always Focus on the Present

What is the first major benefit to becoming more mindful?  It is Acceptance.

When you practice mindfulness you are able to focus on the present and what you can do in the world at that very moment instead of not dwelling on mistakes of the past or worrying about the hypothetical outcomes of the future.  Be in the now!!

This brings you to an acceptance with what has already happened in your life, whether it be good or bad.

There is no judgment about failure as you realize that these are the very experiences that helped you to grow and to get you to where you are today … which by the way is living out your dream of being an artist.

Only then can you focus on creating art and efficiently running your business without any additional unnecessary stress and worry.

Try Paying More Attention

Another benefit of Mindfulness is that you become a lot better at paying attention and recognizing the needs of those in your life, in other words, Mindfulness breeds Awareness.

When you are more aware, you can better understand what you will need to give back to your family, friends, and clients supporting your art career.

You will also become more aware of what your business will require from you to be more successful as you become more in tune with what your customers and collectors are looking for which will open up more possibilities to sell your artwork whether online or offline.

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Let Go and Feel Less Stressed

I am sure that you would agree that it would be nice to be able to let go of the heavy burdens of running an art business?

Well for starters you can easily accomplish this by practicing Mindfulness by sitting quietly and focus on your breathing for two to five minutes.  Concentrating on nothing but your breath will help you to focus on the present moment and stress less about the art piece that you need to get finished or the juried show that you want to be accepted into, etc.

Less stress in your life will help you to feel better mentally and physically which can only assist with your ability to create and prosper in your arts business.


Have More Faith and Less Fear

Being a full-time professional artist can be a scary road to travel for most people.

But, with that said practicing Mindfulness regularly will allow you to put in perspective the things that you fear the most.

Take a long, hard look at what it is that you are scared of and ask yourself  this “what is real and what is an excuse because you are afraid?”  Then, see what you strategies that you can implement to overcome these self-made obstacles, for example goal setting.

By setting yourself achievable goals no matter how daunting, by breaking them down into manageable chunks can actually be motivating for the majority of people and having smaller goals is a great way for you to alleviate the fear and make tasks seem more manageable.


Focus on Becoming More Intentional

Your newfound mindfulness helps you to embrace who you really and truly are in the present moment which will make you more intentional about the art you create.

Embrace what is going on with you right now with fascination and curiosity. Fall radically in love with the changes of your life because it inspires new ideas to fuel your artistic creativity.

When you create with such passion and intention it can only help you to develop a sense of purpose about your art that through story-telling can actually help your art business in both the short and long run by selling more of your artworks to your target audience.

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It is obvious that taking just a little bit of the time out of your busy day to practice mindfulness will not only help your art career, but also your entire life.

Accepting life’s curveballs and challenges, focusing on what you can control instead of dwelling on what you cannot control and becoming more intentional with your art is a much healthier way to live your life than it is stressing about every little detail past and present.

If you and I both put Mindfulness into daily practice I can guarantee that you and I will become much more productive and attentive to fulfilling the dream of being a successful professional artist.


Creatively Finding Solutions

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My artistic journey began as a result of me searching for alternative, non-allopathic solutions to treat and help alleviate long-term chronic pain.

I was determined to creatively find solutions to my problem of living with constant pain.

I found that whenever I had a paintbrush or other painting implement in my hand I would be totally focused on the creative task at hand and not so much on my pain.

The more I exercised my creative muscles the more I became in awe with the whole spontaneous creative expression process of art-making.

I was now making art because it was what I wanted to be doing and not solely because I was experiencing pain.

I had found a solution to my biggest problem and soon professed my intent to help others do likewise by establishing and developing my Energetic Abstractions ~ Holistic ARTistry creative venture.

In doing so I discovered that to be a solution giver you first have to learn how to become the type of person who can generate many kinds of ideas (relevant or not) by thinking creatively.

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Society teaches us that there always has to be a right answer to any problem and this inevitably creates a feeling of vulnerability with us fearing either being wrong, judged and/or criticized.

I find that brainstorming is one of the best ways for me to come up with fresh ideas and engaging in Spontaneous Creativity/Creative Thinking is a good practice for generating good quality ideas … thinking outside the box so to speak!

Our brains will naturally brainstorm although most people tend to shut down their ideas prematurely which hinders them from making progress and this is when we lose the whole point of the creative brainstorming process.

The best way to come up with a good idea I find is to generate many ideas at the same time so focus initially on the quantity and not the quality of your ideas and then cull them once you have finished your brainstorming process.

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Let your mind do what it does best which is to generate ideas.

Learn to view problems from different perspectives.

Write down your ideas.

Doodle/Scribble your ideas.

Paint out your ideas.

Voice Record your ideas.

Be spontaneously creative.

Dare to be different.

Trust your intuition and then take action.

It was problem solving via spontaneous creative expression that I learned how to heal my pain by shifting my focus away from pain into creating inspiring abstract artworks … I found and released my “Inner Child/Inner Artist”.

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Transformational Energies

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Although I began my self-healing journey many years ago it has only really been during this past year that I have felt and more importantly understood the transformational energies that have been making themselves known to me.

The shift in my personal growth began when I started to question my true identity as an ARTist and Creative Expressionista/Entrepreneur because I was feeling somewhat of a ‘fake’ … not that I was faking or had ever faked who I really was before, during and currently on my journey to overcome chronic pain.  So why did I feel this way???

Why indeed, I was having a real-life Identity crisis but it had absolutely nothing with being a Fake or a Fraud!

What was really happening was that I was feeling the upside to being relatively Pain-Free.  I was experiencing more good days than bad and I was focusing on other things other than being in pain (and my friendly Pain Demon foes).

I was questioning why would I still want to be around others experiencing pain when I was in much better health myself?  Why as an Empath would I want to take on board other people’s pain/issues/stuff?  Should I not just be focusing on making abstract art and not concern myself with anyone else, be selfish for a change!

These were just for starters, my mind had gone into permanent overdrive and my Insomnia had returned.

Yes I still have some real doozy days when life hits me with the biggest curve-balls that it can throw at me but over the years I have learned how to catch and dispose of them before I fall back into a state of despair and pain.

The catalyst to it all was being asked “how was my arts business going” to which I replied “almost at a standstill as I have been so busy studying this year and although I still have been doing the odd painting here and there, I have not been putting much energy or effort into actually selling my art.”

Then I was asked “so are you an artist or not” and to that I replied “yes of course I am an artist but I am not just an artist am I?”

This conversation continued for quite some time and it left me absolutely full of self-doubt and almost to the point of wanting to quit.  Truth be said it was actually the kick up the jatzy that I obviously needed to spur me into taking action.

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A huge part of me feeling ‘fake’ was because I was now not so dependent on creating art as a means of pain relief (what I refer to as PAINt Relief).

I was feeling the best that I had done in years so I actually found myself struggling when I would sit down to a blank white canvas or sheet of paper.  Whereas beforehand when pain was my focus I could paint abstractions until I would run out of paint.

These hesitations (eventually I would actually get paint onto paper/canvas) and focus on arts-based creative expression studies had me questioning if I really was cut out to be an abstract artist or should I just focus on helping others instead or g out and get myself a “real job”?

Are you kidding!!!  It was me dabbling in art (as well as resonating with other Alternative Therapies) that led me to better health so why the heck would I want to give up the one thing that has truly kept me sane over the years of coping and managing chronic pain!

Now that I was opening up my mind and thinking of every outcome possible I could feel the intensity of my own transformational energies circling me.

First up was to decide that I would combine under my Energetic Abstractions business my Abstract Energy ARTist creative venture with my PAINt Relief/Holistic ARTistry creative venture.

The second decision was for this Introvert to come out of hiding and face my biggest fear … no guts, no glory right … so I hereby reintroduce myself as Abstract Energy ARTist Rosetta Elsner!!!


In summary, I need to go back to the original question at hand … to be truly Authentic meant that I could no longer hide who I really am, which is still very much an Abstract Energy ARTist who has successfully learned to manage chronic pain (with the help of Allopathic & Non-Allopathic therapies) and now would like to continue teaching others to do so for themselves via Holistic ARTistry.  Phew … identity crisis resolved!!

Rosetta Elsner ARTist 🙂



Angelic Abstractions Emerge

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Recently I was asked if I would like to display a variety of low to mid priced Abstract Energy ARTworks for sale in a Retail Shop setting.  I agreed and as it was a brand-spanking new retail venture a combination of existing and newer art pieces would be what was needed to help add a splash of colour to the bare white walls.

My mind was now in a total whir as to what I could actually paint as this request was an out-of-the-blue change of direction for me as I did not need to focus on my regular gig of PAINt Relief … the world of creative expression was now mine for the taking and I was initially full of self-doubt.

Phew, I may have got of to a slow start but I am so very happy that I accepted Dianne’s challenge as I had a fabulous time experimenting and painting with watercolour paints and ended up creating my own unique version of abstract Angel figurines.

I so enjoyed this new-found creative expression that I will definitely be creating more Angelic Abstractions in the future which I will make available for sale online as well.

An Angel For Dianne
© Energetic Abstractions 2015

So You Are A Creative Visualization Virgin

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So you have decided to give creative visualization a go, yay … good for you.  I promise that with time and practice you will come to love it as much as I do.

I can almost guarantee that you will find yourself teaching other Creative Visualization Virgins this fantastic mind/body/spirit relaxation breathing technique as well.

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Here is an introductory exercise to help you get started by teaching you the absolute basics of creative relaxation and visualization.

First of all as with the majority of similar-type relaxation exercises you need to be wearing loose-fitting clothing and be either comfortably sitting up or lying down.

Ensure that the room you find yourself in is warm/cool enough without you over-heating or feeling chilled to the bone.  Make sure you are as comfortable as possible so grab a blanket if you think you will be needing one.

Dim the lights and/or close the curtains and do not forget to switch off any other electronic distractions.  You have permission to even hang a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the door.

When everything has been done and you are in a comfortable position then it is time to close your eyes and take 3 or 4 slow, deep breaths in, holding the breath for at least 5 seconds before exhaling out.

After a couple of minutes of breathing in and breathing out it is time to focus your attention down towards your feet and legs.

You are wanting to progressively relax your whole body by starting with your toes and working your way up by slowly allowing the relaxation process to drift upwards until you feel completely relaxed and without a care in the world.

Relaxation is the first part of this exercise and it is only when you are fully relaxed that you commence the creative visualization process.  As you gain confidence of this technique through consistent practice you will take less time to get yourself into a fully relaxed state of being.

As mentioned the second part of this exercise is to visualize.  It does not matter what you choose to think about but it is important that you first set a positive intention.

You may choose to visualize a Colour, an Object or even a Person.

Lets focus on you imagining a person shall we.  Think about someone you know (or would like to know).  Picture an image of this person in your mind and try to hold on to that image.

If you see a clear, sharp image of this person virtually straight away it means that you are naturally a ‘visual person’ and you will have no problems with creative visualization.  For those that do not, it simply means that it will take you a little longer to master this technique and like most things in life the more times that you practice something the better you will become at doing it.

For this particular exercise, all that is important is that you can ‘imagine’ the person in your mind.  There is no right or wrong way of doing this.

Now that you have a visual  image or picture of this person in your mind think about something that ‘stands out’ about this person or think about an ‘incident’ that involved him or her.  It might be something exciting or mundane, just experiment with your ‘imagining process’ until you can see this incident in your mind.

Finally imagine you and this person doing something together, again it makes no difference what it is that you decide to do, but what is important is the process of you imagining this event.

Once you have imagined this clearly, take a few slow deep breaths in and out, have a stretch and open up your eyes.  You have successfully undertaken a creative visualization exercise and with time and practice you will be able to do this no matter where you are, etc just by closing your eyes and shutting out any distractions.

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Practice this exercise as often as you can, choose a different person, object or colour to visualize each time you do so.

You can improve your ability to ‘see your visualizations’ by looking at a painting or photograph for a few minutes and studying it intensely before closing your eyes to see if you can recall it in your mind’s eye.  With practice you will be able to recall the item that you were looking at in detail.

You are now on the way to using creative visualization to make powerful and lasting changes in your own life and you will no longer considered to be a Creative Visualization Virgin!

Creative Entrepreneurship

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I used to think that being an artistic person and/or a business-orientated person were worlds apart, you were either one or the other but boy-o-boy was I in for a reality check once I ventured into the realm of creative entrepreneurship.

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It seems that these days I spend less time on being creative and way more time than I would like to on pursuing the nuts and bolts (ie. left and right-brain aspects) of my creative venture … creating Abstract Energy ARTworks and helping others alleviate pain as I have done by creating their own Abstract Energy ARTworks.

I read recently that “left-brain thinking has dominated the business world for centuries but as we move from a knowledge economy based on information and analysis to a creative economy built on innovation and ideas that right-brain thinking will prevail” … great news for we creative-types alright!

Left-brain thinking whilst still important is no longer enough to be competitive in the modern business world and the time has come to leverage our right-brain thinking skills and take action in order to be successful.

So I have learnt that business is actually an extremely creative process (and I do not mean dodgy ‘bean-counters’ hiding $ here, there and everywhere) because it requires me to constantly innovate by coming up with new ideas (such as this blog post), products and services.EA Logo 200x200Being a Creative Entrepreneur is a true reflection of me as a heart-centered person, as it is my beliefs, my values, my vision and my voice that you see whether it be online with you reading this blog post right here on my website, my various interactions via social media postings or offline as you gaze upon one of my Abstract Energy ARTworks in real life.

Creativity infuses everything that I do and touch and I now recognize that although I may do things a little differently to others as I infuse a mixture of fun and play into my professional work … which simply put is that ME and my creative work matter (and not just to me)!


Solve A Problem or Alleviate A Pain

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In researching about being in the business of making and selling art I have come across the following “to be successful at selling art you need to solve a problem or alleviate a pain” or words to that effect on several people’s websites.  Okay!

Now this I really liked … “your audience is coming to you so that they can buy an end to their pain.  In order to convert browsers into buyer’s you need to get in touch with your customers ‘pain points’.

If you do not know their pain, they will never buy from you.”  Say what?

Those of you who know me will know that I have lived practically all of my adult life trying to find solutions to solve my own problem of living with pain.

It is my guess that what they (these websites) are actually referring to is actually ‘metaphorical pain’ and not literal/physical pain which has been my sole focus.

“Flickering Flames”
Acrylic Paint on Canvas Board
© Energetic Abstractions 2014

Straight up, I started painting to help me alleviate the frustration of being in constant pain without the need or eventual dependency/addiction of continuously popping chemical-based pain medications, hence I call it PAINt Relief.

Now that I am well enough I endeavour to help others who find themselves in a in a similar predicament as me to try their hand at being creative and in doing so change their mindset and view pain differently.

Art does have the ability to heal, but I believe that it is the actual act of creating art that heals more so than the looking at art, but with that said I do believe that if you look intensely and long enough at certain colours that they will temporarily help alleviate pain via the energy vibrations that they emit although chances are that the person may not be aware of it actually taking place.

So it appears that PAIN in all its formats is definitely a part of my Life’s Purpose whether it be living/managing it and/or finding a product or a service to alleviate it personally and for my prospective customer clientele.

Wow, I still have so much to learn!

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Never A Dull Moment for this Home-Based Art Business

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Life is most definitely interesting at times, especially like today when there is never a dull moment for this home-based art business owner who would so rather have a paintbrush or two in her hands.

Enough dilly-dallying it is time to make use of me being relatively “pain-free” and get cracking with spruking my ARTwares now that I know a whole lot more (but probably still not enough) about Social Media Marketing … oh the joys!

There are definitely days when I ponder why the heck did I choose to be a professional ARTist, especially when I have my ‘fingers in so many pies’ already?


Seriously, truth be known I would much rather be painting and forget about the Ecommerce stuff but apart from painting over already painted canvases every time I am in the mood to paint, I can only actually hang up so much of my own creations before the family chucks a sad and screams out “this is not an Art Gallery Mum”!!

So with that said I bid you farewell as I now have my Creativity Practitioner/Coach studies to get on with and this module is all about Communication … a subject that I somehow do not think that I will have any problems with as I have been known to have inherited the ‘gift of the gab’ as they say!!!