Transformational Energies

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Although I began my self-healing journey many years ago it has only really been during this past year that I have felt and more importantly understood the transformational energies that have been making themselves known to me.

The shift in my personal growth began when I started to question my true identity as an ARTist and Creative Expressionista/Entrepreneur because I was feeling somewhat of a ‘fake’ … not that I was faking or had ever faked who I really was before, during and currently on my journey to overcome chronic pain.  So why did I feel this way???

Why indeed, I was having a real-life Identity crisis but it had absolutely nothing with being a Fake or a Fraud!

What was really happening was that I was feeling the upside to being relatively Pain-Free.  I was experiencing more good days than bad and I was focusing on other things other than being in pain (and my friendly Pain Demon foes).

I was questioning why would I still want to be around others experiencing pain when I was in much better health myself?  Why as an Empath would I want to take on board other people’s pain/issues/stuff?  Should I not just be focusing on making abstract art and not concern myself with anyone else, be selfish for a change!

These were just for starters, my mind had gone into permanent overdrive and my Insomnia had returned.

Yes I still have some real doozy days when life hits me with the biggest curve-balls that it can throw at me but over the years I have learned how to catch and dispose of them before I fall back into a state of despair and pain.

The catalyst to it all was being asked “how was my arts business going” to which I replied “almost at a standstill as I have been so busy studying this year and although I still have been doing the odd painting here and there, I have not been putting much energy or effort into actually selling my art.”

Then I was asked “so are you an artist or not” and to that I replied “yes of course I am an artist but I am not just an artist am I?”

This conversation continued for quite some time and it left me absolutely full of self-doubt and almost to the point of wanting to quit.  Truth be said it was actually the kick up the jatzy that I obviously needed to spur me into taking action.

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A huge part of me feeling ‘fake’ was because I was now not so dependent on creating art as a means of pain relief (what I refer to as PAINt Relief).

I was feeling the best that I had done in years so I actually found myself struggling when I would sit down to a blank white canvas or sheet of paper.  Whereas beforehand when pain was my focus I could paint abstractions until I would run out of paint.

These hesitations (eventually I would actually get paint onto paper/canvas) and focus on arts-based creative expression studies had me questioning if I really was cut out to be an abstract artist or should I just focus on helping others instead or g out and get myself a “real job”?

Are you kidding!!!  It was me dabbling in art (as well as resonating with other Alternative Therapies) that led me to better health so why the heck would I want to give up the one thing that has truly kept me sane over the years of coping and managing chronic pain!

Now that I was opening up my mind and thinking of every outcome possible I could feel the intensity of my own transformational energies circling me.

First up was to decide that I would combine under my Energetic Abstractions business my Abstract Energy ARTist creative venture with my PAINt Relief/Holistic ARTistry creative venture.

The second decision was for this Introvert to come out of hiding and face my biggest fear … no guts, no glory right … so I hereby reintroduce myself as Abstract Energy ARTist Rosetta Elsner!!!


In summary, I need to go back to the original question at hand … to be truly Authentic meant that I could no longer hide who I really am, which is still very much an Abstract Energy ARTist who has successfully learned to manage chronic pain (with the help of Allopathic & Non-Allopathic therapies) and now would like to continue teaching others to do so for themselves via Holistic ARTistry.  Phew … identity crisis resolved!!

Rosetta Elsner ARTist 🙂



Awaken Your Own Inner Rainbow

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Whilst I am taking some much needed Rest and Rejuvenation time-out sorting out another ‘pain-demon’ foe I thought that as a follow up to my last blog post I would share a rather special colour laden video which I like to watch when I am in need of a quick pick-me-up to awaken my own Inner Rainbow of Chakra Colours.

This video is presented by Elizabeth Harper from Sealed With Love (I so recommend that you check out this absolute colourful delight of a website … I love it).

It is a colourful light-filled visual journey through the chakra colors and simply by watching this video the coloured imagery can help the viewer to shift their energetic vibration, alter mindset and activate self-healing.

Elizabeth suggests that you make yourself aware of any subtle changes that might occur in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies as you go on this journey of colour to awaken your own Inner Rainbow … enjoy!


Visualizing Healing Colours

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Our imagination is possibly the greatest healing tool that we possess because it is via our imagination that we can rehearse for a successful positive outcome and we can change old negative patterns by seeing ourselves acting in positive life-enhancing ways.

Visualization is the process of harnessing the power of your mind through using imagery to achieve a specific goal whilst you are in a heightened state of relaxation.

It is not hypnosis and like most things with practice you will learn how to utilize visualizations to find new ways of harnessing your creative powers for enhanced health and well-being.

Each colour has certain qualities which influence us both positively and negatively.

Every colour has a unique therapeutic value and each one can be used to treat a particular physical or emotional problem.

When we are ill our body gives out a distorted and/or disturbed pattern of energetic vibrations.

A simple way to help yourself to attain better health is to think about colour.

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By focusing your thoughts (and in doing so changing your mindset) on colours you will find yourself being drawn to one colour in particular and this will be the colour that you are needing at that particular moment.

When you are visualizing healing colour you would first set your intention before focusing on either a person or thing that you wish to enable healing and then you would visualize or sense what colour or colours that you would need to help heal the recipient.

Then after you have finished you could create a work of art using the colour and/or colours that you visualized.

Perhaps you may want to draw or paint an image or symbol that represents the person or thing that you wish to heal and then surround them or it with an imagistic representation of the colour and/or colours that you have imagined.

For example you would visualize the colour Blue to help reduce the severity of a sore throat or to help reduce blood pressure.

The colour Red would increase blood pressure but it is known to help with anaemia or iron deficiency.

The colour Green is a wonderful balancer and it has antiseptic qualities so would be useful in healing infections.

You can find many informative resources about Visualization, Colour Visualization, Creative Visualization and Guided Visualization online if you are interested in learning more about this simple to implement and unique self-healing tool.