Practice Mindfulness to Re-Energize Your Art Business

Rosetta Elsner ARTist
June 1, 2017

Re-Energize Your Creative Venture/Art Business with Mindfulness

I am sure that I would not be the only person to have ever had some serious doubts, been regularly stressed out about failure or have actually feared the real or imaginary obstacles that stand in your way of being an artist, raise your hand up if this is you too!!

Lets face it, having an art career is challenging enough without you and me bringing along self-doubt, stress, and fear into the equation which usually only ends up making the arts business practice even more difficult than it is already.

So what if I told you that there are a number of simple to implement solutions that can help you (and not forgetting me) to overcome these “being stuck” problems and in doing so we will even become more productive at the same time.

How is this possible you ask?  The answer my friend is Mindfulness.

I will explain in this post the five ways from how to start practicing Mindfulness to how it will transform your bad habits can help you to revitalize your art business as it has done mine.

EA Green WCstain1

Always Focus on the Present

What is the first major benefit to becoming more mindful?  It is Acceptance.

When you practice mindfulness you are able to focus on the present and what you can do in the world at that very moment instead of not dwelling on mistakes of the past or worrying about the hypothetical outcomes of the future.  Be in the now!!

This brings you to an acceptance with what has already happened in your life, whether it be good or bad.

There is no judgment about failure as you realize that these are the very experiences that helped you to grow and to get you to where you are today … which by the way is living out your dream of being an artist.

Only then can you focus on creating art and efficiently running your business without any additional unnecessary stress and worry.

Try Paying More Attention

Another benefit of Mindfulness is that you become a lot better at paying attention and recognizing the needs of those in your life, in other words, Mindfulness breeds Awareness.

When you are more aware, you can better understand what you will need to give back to your family, friends, and clients supporting your art career.

You will also become more aware of what your business will require from you to be more successful as you become more in tune with what your customers and collectors are looking for which will open up more possibilities to sell your artwork whether online or offline.

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Let Go and Feel Less Stressed

I am sure that you would agree that it would be nice to be able to let go of the heavy burdens of running an art business?

Well for starters you can easily accomplish this by practicing Mindfulness by sitting quietly and focus on your breathing for two to five minutes.  Concentrating on nothing but your breath will help you to focus on the present moment and stress less about the art piece that you need to get finished or the juried show that you want to be accepted into, etc.

Less stress in your life will help you to feel better mentally and physically which can only assist with your ability to create and prosper in your arts business.


Have More Faith and Less Fear

Being a full-time professional artist can be a scary road to travel for most people.

But, with that said practicing Mindfulness regularly will allow you to put in perspective the things that you fear the most.

Take a long, hard look at what it is that you are scared of and ask yourself  this “what is real and what is an excuse because you are afraid?”  Then, see what you strategies that you can implement to overcome these self-made obstacles, for example goal setting.

By setting yourself achievable goals no matter how daunting, by breaking them down into manageable chunks can actually be motivating for the majority of people and having smaller goals is a great way for you to alleviate the fear and make tasks seem more manageable.


Focus on Becoming More Intentional

Your newfound mindfulness helps you to embrace who you really and truly are in the present moment which will make you more intentional about the art you create.

Embrace what is going on with you right now with fascination and curiosity. Fall radically in love with the changes of your life because it inspires new ideas to fuel your artistic creativity.

When you create with such passion and intention it can only help you to develop a sense of purpose about your art that through story-telling can actually help your art business in both the short and long run by selling more of your artworks to your target audience.

EA Green WCstain3

It is obvious that taking just a little bit of the time out of your busy day to practice mindfulness will not only help your art career, but also your entire life.

Accepting life’s curveballs and challenges, focusing on what you can control instead of dwelling on what you cannot control and becoming more intentional with your art is a much healthier way to live your life than it is stressing about every little detail past and present.

If you and I both put Mindfulness into daily practice I can guarantee that you and I will become much more productive and attentive to fulfilling the dream of being a successful professional artist.


Creative Entrepreneurship

EA Logo 200x200

I used to think that being an artistic person and/or a business-orientated person were worlds apart, you were either one or the other but boy-o-boy was I in for a reality check once I ventured into the realm of creative entrepreneurship.

EA-BCardBack - Banner

It seems that these days I spend less time on being creative and way more time than I would like to on pursuing the nuts and bolts (ie. left and right-brain aspects) of my creative venture … creating Abstract Energy ARTworks and helping others alleviate pain as I have done by creating their own Abstract Energy ARTworks.

I read recently that “left-brain thinking has dominated the business world for centuries but as we move from a knowledge economy based on information and analysis to a creative economy built on innovation and ideas that right-brain thinking will prevail” … great news for we creative-types alright!

Left-brain thinking whilst still important is no longer enough to be competitive in the modern business world and the time has come to leverage our right-brain thinking skills and take action in order to be successful.

So I have learnt that business is actually an extremely creative process (and I do not mean dodgy ‘bean-counters’ hiding $ here, there and everywhere) because it requires me to constantly innovate by coming up with new ideas (such as this blog post), products and services.EA Logo 200x200Being a Creative Entrepreneur is a true reflection of me as a heart-centered person, as it is my beliefs, my values, my vision and my voice that you see whether it be online with you reading this blog post right here on my website, my various interactions via social media postings or offline as you gaze upon one of my Abstract Energy ARTworks in real life.

Creativity infuses everything that I do and touch and I now recognize that although I may do things a little differently to others as I infuse a mixture of fun and play into my professional work … which simply put is that ME and my creative work matter (and not just to me)!


Never A Dull Moment for this Home-Based Art Business

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Life is most definitely interesting at times, especially like today when there is never a dull moment for this home-based art business owner who would so rather have a paintbrush or two in her hands.

Enough dilly-dallying it is time to make use of me being relatively “pain-free” and get cracking with spruking my ARTwares now that I know a whole lot more (but probably still not enough) about Social Media Marketing … oh the joys!

There are definitely days when I ponder why the heck did I choose to be a professional ARTist, especially when I have my ‘fingers in so many pies’ already?


Seriously, truth be known I would much rather be painting and forget about the Ecommerce stuff but apart from painting over already painted canvases every time I am in the mood to paint, I can only actually hang up so much of my own creations before the family chucks a sad and screams out “this is not an Art Gallery Mum”!!

So with that said I bid you farewell as I now have my Creativity Practitioner/Coach studies to get on with and this module is all about Communication … a subject that I somehow do not think that I will have any problems with as I have been known to have inherited the ‘gift of the gab’ as they say!!!


Energetic Abstractions Has Been A Hive Of Activity

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With the long, hot summer school holidays almost coming to an end and me not being in the best of health pain-wise, I have via Energetic Abstractions enlisted the services of my children to perform a variety of tasks on a variety of electronic equipment … so far so good with no complaints!

Amelia (my youngest) has been helping me with Scanning my Abstract Energy ARTworks ready for colour correction editing before I upload them for sale on my ART4Sale shop.

The other two have been very busy on their own laptops designing social media image posts from my ARTworks (Anthea) and then the final edit of such images (Keegan) ready for eventual uploading once Mum has figured out how to schedule posts, etc.

Here are two of their finished images delivered via USB to my laptop for final analysis (no further changes made by me).

EA-RBE Quote3
Solve A Problem or Alleviate A Pain!
© Energetic Abstractions 2015


EA-RBE Quote1
EA Social Media Quote 1
© Energetic Abstractions 2015

I think they did a pretty good job of it, especially as they have a “reformed perfectionist” as their client.

Now for me to upload the scanned images (over the next few days) to this website and sell some of my Abstract Energy ARTworks (fingers crossed) so that I can pay my hard-working employees … apparently Mum’s hugs and kisses just ain’t enough as payment for this job!

Energetic Abstractions Almost Came A Gutzer!

EA Logo 200x200

Phew … that was close, way to darn close for my liking as with only a few keystroke clicks here and there I almost unknowingly crashed my entire Energetic Abstractions database!!!

The last thing that I ever want to see is WP Error – Unable To Locate Database and have absolutely NO ACCESS at all to any page, post or image on my website … I mean WTF???

But thankfully after de-stressing myself and giving some serious thinking time as to what actually happened and retracing my steps I can report that Energetic Abstractions website is back online today … problem solved (Rose lets out a humungous sigh of relief) hence me typing up this post.

Lesson learned is to always have a Backup Plan and thankfully for me I had a backup plan being my WP backup data plugin … talk about a lifesaver that I will be forever grateful for.

So folks, why would I want to be telling you of my almost monumental balls-up???

EA-EAEmailLogo PaintCan

Simply paying it forward so that anyone reading this who administers their own website/s can spend a few minutes double-checking that they too have installed their own whizz-bang gizmo backup plugin/app … and in doing so I have just saved you some unwanted stress time!

I swear the easiest part of this whole creative venture of mine is the actual PAINTing … everything else is just so darn consuming of time and energy.


ASH 2013 Is About To Become A Reality!

EA Logo 200x200

After months of hard work and many sleepless nights, ASH 2013 is about to become a Reality for me and boy am I excited!

It is no doubt all go in the USA with the ASH 2013 Conference starting this Friday through until 10 December.

I wish everyone involved with the setting up and displaying of my “PAINt Relief” ARTworks (and the other featured American ARTists) every success and look forward very much to seeing photographs of the actual MPN Heroes event when they are made available.

EA Logo 200x200

I would like to recognize Jennifer Ladines’ efforts in supporting me (a novice home-based Visual ARTist who has a holistic self-healing story to tell through my ARTworks) to undertake my first international exhibition.

I am so very grateful to have had Jennifer’s assistance over the past couple of months and am very happy that the both of us are able to be rewarded for our efforts (the only bummer is that I am unable to attend the gala-event and meet Jennifer in person).



Energetic Abstractions ARTworks In Transit To USA

EA Logo 200x200

I am happy to post that as of today the 25 Original Energetic Abstractions ARTworks which were purchased to be displayed at the ASH 2013 New Orleans conference in December have DEPARTED the TNT Freight deport in Perth and are in transit to the Big Apple pit-stop before continuing on the journey southwards to New Orleans … yay!!!

EA ARTworks - USA1
EA ARTworks air-drying after gloss coating put on them.
EA ARTworks - USA2
Bound for the USA … some of the smaller ARTworks pack ready to be transported to Pack & Send Midland office.
EA ARTworks - USA3
We have arrived @ our 1st destination … Pack & Send Midland office.
EA ARTworks - USA4
Unloaded and on Natasha’s worktable ready and waiting to be wrapped and packed into bigger cardboard boxes.
EA ARTworks - USA5
Adios … USA bound … first to New York then New Orleans and then who knows!!!
EA ARTworks - USA6
Take good care of them for me Natasha (working hard in the background typing up my Consignment Note).  All that is left for me to do now is to say goodbye to my very first International Consignment.

I am grateful to everyone who gave me advice and assistance over the past two months as there were times I definitely thought that I had bitten off way more than I could have chewed.

I am pleased to say that this particular task is now accomplished (albeit just one more task for me to fulfill).

I am getting more skilled with computer technology and social media everyday (it is not just about dipping a brush into paint people), although my photography skills still suck!  Wonder if treating myself to a “fancy-pants” camera will make a difference?

Take good care of them for me Natasha.  All that is left for me to do now is to say goodbye to my very first International Consignment which soon will be heading your way Jennifer and Holly. 

I so hope that the US-audience will love them as much as I loved painting them for you and that my Energetic Abstractions ARTworks will draw people’s attention and  in doing so, will help you wonderful ladies to raise awareness of Blood Disorders/Cancers in the USA and how this novice Australian ARTist uses Creative Expression via paint and colour as one method of holistic PAINt Relief (name of my exhibition).

Keep your fingers crossed that they arrive in the Big Apple in the exact same condition as Natasha air freighted them.

Rose 🙂

ps.  If there are any Perth-based ARTists reading this who need to send artworks overseas and do not know where to begin … then click on the Pack and Send, Midland link and check out their website.  I can guarantee that Natasha will be more than happy to help you out.


AbstractEnergy ARTist to Exhibit in the USA

EA Logo 200x200

With the purchasing of the Abstract Energy Printed ARTworks today through Fine Art America, I can now let the ‘cat of the bag’ so to speak and tell the world (that is you lot out there) about my forthcoming creative venture.

I have been approached to be a featured Artists alongside two other Artists with a MPN/MPD illness and EXHIBIT MY ART and Share my “Pain Journey = How I Use ART to Medicate myself” with those in attendance at the American Society of Hematology (ASH) 2013 conference in the MPN Heroes Awareness Exhibition Booth this coming December in New Orleans, USA … how exciting is that!

The theme of my exhibition will be PAINt Relief and it will comprise a mixture of PRINTED and ORIGINAL  Abstract Energy ARTworks of various sizes and mediums.

I will officially become a “Internationally Collected ARTist” … what an opportunity I have been given to help raise awareness of incorporating Art as a method of PAINt Relief.

Frozen In Time/Space
“Frozen In Time/Space”
Acrylic Paint on A3 Canvas Paper Sheeting.
(c) Energetic Abstractions 2013.

It is my intention to inform the viewer of my Abstract Energy ARTworks, of how I incorporate both Allopathic (Haematology) and Non-Allopathic (Art, Art Therapy, Energy Healing, Colour Therapy, etc) modalities together in order to achieve better health and well-being outcomes.

I am grateful to have found a Allopathic Doctor who is open-minded enough to allow me to treat myself with more ‘holistic methods’ than solely relying on ‘chemical-based prescription medicines’.

I am also understanding of his experience and knowledge as a practicing Specialist/Haematologist to accept that if/when things change with my medical situation that I will listen and follow his guidance … you could say we have a mutual respect and understanding of each others needs, wants and outcomes.

Participating in Art Practices will not rid a person of their pain but it will help take their focus away from their pain (if only temporarily).

It is so beneficial to allow creativity into one’s life, even if starting from a very dark place because little by little if you give it a chance, the healing colours will weave their wonderous magic and shine through.

Take it from someone who is living proof of this … me!

Click on the links below to see the Abstract Energy ARTworks that were purchased as PRINTS (only because these extra special originals are to be found hanging up in my house and are definitely Not For Sale).

PAINted Faces

An Energetic Abstraction

Ouch I Hurt – Pain Threads

Facing My Pain Demons

Faces In The Clouds

Upon Angels Wings Of Change

Ode To Bern