Consciously Creating My Reality

Everyday of my life on this earth I am consciously creating my reality and just like me so to are you, whether you realize it or not. But how are we able to do so?

We are able to consciously create our own realities simply because we are Human Beings who have the capability of being able to think and feel for ourselves.

Whether we are aware of it or not, we are all consciously creating our realities via the processing of our own individual and everyone else’s collective thoughts and feelings.

I Am Grateful and I Celebrate Everyday

But this article is about me consciously creating my own reality and to do so I usually start off my day by being grateful that I have successfully woken up from my night’s slumber and am ready to face the day ahead.

I am also grateful for everything that life brings to me (curveballs and all) and I will try my very best to live in a state of appreciation for everything that I am fortunate to have by being happy, kind, and generous to those who cross my path.

I intend to give freely simply because I know that there is more than enough for all of us and in doing so will be open to receive.

I will throughout the day try to live in a state of gratitude knowing that these feelings of goodwill, appreciation and kindness will be mirrored back to me in ways that I can only imagine thanks to principles of the Law of Attraction in action.

My Thoughts Create My World

I affirm throughout the day affirmations such as …

‘I graciously accept good into my life right now.’

‘Be grateful for all of the good that is currently in your life and for all that is to come.’

‘I am grateful and I celebrate everyday.’

‘I deserve abundance.’

By saying these or similar affirmations on a regular basis I am opening up my mind and moving forward with a positive mindset to be able to create the space that is needed for my personal truth, my life’s purpose, my wants, desires and reality to appear.

I need to be able to teach myself how to consciously think and believe in ways that will support me in creating the reality that I wish for.

The first step in this process is to basically be happy and to endeavour to live a rich and fulfilled life by knowing what it is that I want and then how do I go about achieving it.

By opening up my mind to the creative energy of logic, action, persistence and vision that makes up the conscious choices born of Awareness of the universal energy that surrounds me and each and every one of us, I have created a broad access to the possibilities and opportunities that will come forth my way.

Consciously creating my reality will come about as a result of me following the compass of my own heart and doing what I believe is right for me whilst most importantly always being TRUE TO ONESELF.

I am responsible for everything that I do, that I say and I can only consciously create my reality based upon what I believe in. I am responsible for me and my beliefs.

It is possible to create whatever I truly believe.

My beliefs shape me and it is important to understand and develop awareness of the power of belief because that is what sets the limits on what I can consciously create.

We are connected to and live in a swirl of individual and mass beliefs all around us and it is the combined energy of the human population’s mass beliefs which shape not only each individual person, but shapes our living environment, our world.

We all need to become aware of the inter-connectedness and ripple effects of this unseen energy field that shapes our world.

It is this energy that is said to be the source of the ‘bad stuff’ that happens in the world, especially when bad things happen to good people.

Things we do not like happen, that is a fact of life and our respective creative powers comes about as a result of us accepting that ‘shit happens’ and how we go about consciously dealing with it.

Life’s Curveballs

We create our life either by the force of our own will, by accepting what life puts before us, curveballs and all, or by learning how to take what we are given and tune-in and consciously create our reality by being able to notice and act on signs, symbols and messages that work for us.

The optimum way to create your own reality is to do as I have done and decide what it is that you really want and then take the practical steps necessary to get it, through your physical actions and your conscious thoughts.

My thoughts create my world and your thoughts create your world and our thoughts create our world.

I attract what I focus on when it aligns with my beliefs and desires.

We attract what we focus on when it aligns with our beliefs and desires.

It is up to me, to you, to us to design our respective realities and to make choices to create it consciously or not.

To change my life I need to change my thoughts and beliefs about it.

To change your life you need to change your thoughts and beliefs about your life.

To change the world we all need to become aware of consciously creating our realities by enacting change.

By me getting to know myself better and by you getting to know yourself better, you and I have started the process of finding out who we really are and what it is that we really want.

If for some reason I (and not forgetting you) are unable to decide on what it is that I (or you) really want then use reverse psychology and try to figure out what it is that I (and you) do not want and in doing so you will figure out what it is that I (and you) want … simple!

Consciously Living With Chronic Pain

Although I would not wish upon anyone a chronic-pain illness such as the one that I have had to live and deal with over the past twenty years, I am grateful to have finally accepted it and in doing so have changed my life dramatically in the process.

Being housebound has opened up opportunities to me such as rekindling my love affair of being creative through whichever means I can manage.

No day is ever boring as I adapt to my mood and my pain-level.

Today I sit at my laptop writing, tomorrow I could have a paintbrush in my hands painting some of my art abstractions or I could be outside attending to my permaculture garden.

So although I still have to deal with this wretched pain demon, I am happy to report that thanks to being open-minded and implementing holistic health practices and undergoing a major change in attitude on my behalf that I am well and truly on the road to recovery.

I am living proof that by being able to change my mindset from one of total negativity with nothing but a life of pain to look forward to, into a more often than not positive mindset with the knowledge and ability to consciously create my reality.

So folks, if I can make the changes required to bring about a happier life, then anybody can do it!