Creative Entrepreneurship

I used to think that being an artistic person and/or a business-orientated person were worlds apart, you were either one or the other but boy-o-boy was I in for a reality check once I ventured into the realm of creative entrepreneurship.

It seems that these days I spend less time on being creative and way more time than I would like to on pursuing the nuts and bolts (ie. left and right-brain aspects) of my creative venture … creating Abstract Energy ARTworks and helping others alleviate pain as I have done by creating their own Abstract Energy ARTworks.

I read recently that “left-brain thinking has dominated the business world for centuries but as we move from a knowledge economy based on information and analysis to a creative economy built on innovation and ideas that right-brain thinking will prevail” … great news for we creative-types alright!

Left-brain thinking whilst still important is no longer enough to be competitive in the modern business world and the time has come to leverage our right-brain thinking skills and take action in order to be successful.

So I have learnt that business is actually an extremely creative process (and I do not mean dodgy ‘bean-counters’ hiding $ here, there and everywhere) because it requires me to constantly innovate by coming up with new ideas (such as this blog post), products and services.

Being a Creative Entrepreneur is a true reflection of me as a heart-centered person, as it is my beliefs, my values, my vision and my voice that you see whether it be online with you reading this blog post right here on my website, my various interactions via social media postings or offline as you gaze upon one of my Abstract Energy ARTworks in real life.

Creativity infuses everything that I do and touch and I now recognize that although I may do things a little differently to others as I infuse a mixture of fun and play into my professional work … which simply put is that ME and my creative work matter (and not just to me)!