Creatively Finding Solutions

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My artistic journey began as a result of me searching for alternative, non-allopathic solutions to treat and help alleviate long-term chronic pain.

I was determined to creatively find solutions to my problem of living with constant pain.

I found that whenever I had a paintbrush or other painting implement in my hand I would be totally focused on the creative task at hand and not so much on my pain.

The more I exercised my creative muscles the more I became in awe with the whole spontaneous creative expression process of art-making.

I was now making art because it was what I wanted to be doing and not solely because I was experiencing pain.

I had found a solution to my biggest problem and soon professed my intent to help others do likewise by establishing and developing my Energetic Abstractions ~ Holistic ARTistry creative venture.

In doing so I discovered that to be a solution giver you first have to learn how to become the type of person who can generate many kinds of ideas (relevant or not) by thinking creatively.

Society teaches us that there always has to be a right answer to any problem and this inevitably creates a feeling of vulnerability with us fearing either being wrong, judged and/or criticized.

I find that brainstorming is one of the best ways for me to come up with fresh ideas and engaging in Spontaneous Creativity/Creative Thinking is a good practice for generating good quality ideas … thinking outside the box so to speak!

Our brains will naturally brainstorm although most people tend to shut down their ideas prematurely which hinders them from making progress and this is when we lose the whole point of the creative brainstorming process.

The best way to come up with a good idea I find is to generate many ideas at the same time so focus initially on the quantity and not the quality of your ideas and then cull them once you have finished your brainstorming process.

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Let your mind do what it does best which is to generate ideas.

Learn to view problems from different perspectives.

Write down your ideas.

Doodle/Scribble your ideas.

Paint out your ideas.

Voice Record your ideas.

Be spontaneously creative.

Dare to be different.

Trust your intuition and then take action.

It was problem solving via spontaneous creative expression that I learned how to heal my pain by shifting my focus away from pain into creating inspiring abstract artworks … I found and released my “Inner Child/Inner Artist”.

Rosetta Elsner ARTist holding her favourite tool of the trade!!