Empowerment Through Reiki Healing

Empowerment Through Reiki Healing – A Path To Self Transformation

The key to Reiki is its simplicity. Reiki is a process of empowerment and what makes Reiki different from the other healing methods is the Reiki Attunement (aka initiation) process which the student experiences in the various levels of Reiki classes.

Anyone can lay their hands on another person and help accelerate the healing process by transferring magnetic energy but a person who has been through the process of Reiki attunement/s however, has experienced a fine tuning of the physical and etheric bodies to a higher vibrationary level as well has have had the energy centres (aka chakras) opened to enable the person to channel and vibrate higher amounts of Universal Life Force Energy.

Reiki is never sent, it is drawn through the channel and each person draws in just the right amount of life force that he or she needs to release, activate or transform the energy of the physical and etheric bodies.

Reiki is drawn by the Healer through the open channel of the Practitioner. The Practitioner never absorbs energy from the Healer as the energy is always ‘outward bound’ with the exception of what may be deposited and stored on the solar-plexus. The Healee, on the other hand, draws Reiki through a clear channel and therefore does not absorb any of the personal energy of the Practitioner/Healer.

Reiki is not a religion as it holds no creed or doctrine.

Reiki is not a belief system, therefore no mental preparation or direction is needed to receive a treatment, only a desire to receive and accept the energy and once the intention is clear to start a treatment it will always be activated when used as instructed.

Reiki Healing Modality

One of the greatest benefits of Reiki is the possibility of self-treatment. Once a person is attuned, he or she need only have the intention to do Reiki on him or herself or on others and the energy required is immediately drawn through.

Reiki is a wonderful tool to help one develop conscious awareness, the very key to enlightenment. As more of us take the responsibility to raise our conscious awareness the earth in turn will also be fine tuned to higher levels of Emanence.

As with most things in life, Reiki has to be experienced to be appreciated.

Reiki affects each individual in a very personal way. The results of every Reiki Treatment are determined by the needs (sometimes not always obvious) of the person being treated.

The format of the Reiki Treatment will vary somewhat with each Reiki Practitioner, however, the primary focus will be on both any painful or troublesome area/s of the body and the Endocrine System.

On the etheric level, each of the seven main chakras or energy centres corresponds to one of the endocrine glands, therefore the endocrine system acts as a ‘transducer’ of energy to the etheric energy centres or chakras and likewise the chakras act as ‘transducers’ of energy back to the physical system through the endocrine glands. All levels of energy are in some way interconnected.

Reiki blends well with a variety of different therapies as well as combining Reiki with Allopathic medicines.

More and more Doctors are becoming interested in Reiki Healing as they discover the myriad of ways that it can be used to enhance their treatments. Reiki can also be used to improve the effectiveness of the medication prescribed.

Charging remedies with Reiki is a powerful tool for accelerating healing energy.

Reiki Healing Energy

Reiki is also a powerful tool to use with fasting, as it helps to alleviate the symptoms which might occur in the first three days (autolysis) and it will also amplify the life force energy in the body which helps to boost the immune system and speed up the process of elimination.

Whereas fasting provides a very effective means for cleansing the physical body and eliminating years of toxic build-up, there will be times in our life when we seek to clear out old and inappropriate negative emotional patterns in order to create a more positive approach to life.

The healing of the emotional body is just as important as healing the physical body as stress and tension becomes stored in the body and begin to mold its form over the years, the personality becomes molded as well and we tend to develop negative reactive habits patterns when we subject ourselves to constant emotional stress.

As each thought form is turned from a negative one to a positive one, healing is taking place.

The body is a reflection of the mind and in turn, as the body develops in certain ways, the mind will act as a reflection of the body. The body is a true expression of the mind and emotions.

People are searching for alternative solutions to many of life’s problems and there is an increased awareness that healing takes place on more than just a physical level.

The old denial patterns and fears which have been passed down from generation to generation are slowly disappearing as we begin to sense new vibratory frequency of love on the planet and adjust ourselves accordingly to it.

By amplifying the vibratory rate of the body, Reiki enables each person to channel larger amounts of energy and also raises the vibratory level of the planet as a whole.