Energy Healing Away My Pain

Energy Healing As Pain Relief simply means Energy Healing Away My Pain.

People are beginning to understand the need to heal the subtle energy body of the human energy system as well as our actual physical being.

What I mean by this is that the subtle energy body contains our ‘life force’, desires and aversions and the soul forces that determine our karma and destiny.

They form the context in which we live our lives, either by being balanced and open to life or by being closed and contracted.

The Etheric body is the subtle body which contains the regenerative life principles that stimulate physical and emotional development.

The Astral body holds our spirit’s longings and desires and our mentality whilst the Egoic field showcases our individuality and sense of freedom which allows our soul to flourish.

Non-Allopathic / Alternative Healing Modalities

In recent years the healing properties of Homoeopathy, Sound, Colour and Touch (as in Reiki) have been used to distress and unblock the human energy system. They have proved to be a gentle, safe and effective in healing a variety of pathology, as well as emotional and mental problems.

Each one of the subtle bodies resonates with and is especially attuned to personal archetypes of empowerment, responsibility and vitality as well as to life issues and challenges.

They resonate with the Chakras or energy centres of the human energy system.

So Why Are People Being Drawn to Energy Healing?

In spite of the availability and relative accessibility of modern medicine why is it that more people (especially those like myself who are trying to cope with Chronic Pain) are being drawn to the various alternative ways of healing such as Energy Healing?

I know my reasons (I will give anything within reason a go if it brings me relief from chronic pain especially when the chemical-based pain medicines have become more of a nuisance than a help).

Here are some more possible reasons other than my own:

Energy Healing has more than likely provided relief (if only temporarily) where modern medicine (chemical-based medicine taking) has failed.

For several reasons both explainable and unexplainable, modern medical treatment has failed to heal ailments and conditions in several, if not many persons, including myself.

In making this comment I would also like to acknowledge that there is most probably the likelihood of a lack of research or data that may not be able to support the above-mentioned statement.

It is a matter of belief and knowing in yourself whether something is working or not even only temporarily.

It would only seem logical that the families of the long-term sick and/or dying as well as actually the long-term sick and/or dying patient would rather take the chance of at least trying out alternative methods no matter what it might involve just to be able to get well, be pain-free, get some normality back into their lives.

More and more people perceive modern medicine to be isolating and impersonal and thrive in the more “hands-on whole person” healing methods that Energy Healing entails.

Over time it has been written and said that modern-day chemical-based medical treatments are often at times focused solely on the disease and its causative agent and this alone can make a patient feel isolated and treated like a mere host of the disease.

Although recent developments in general hospital practice world-wide are gradually promoting the holistic treatment of a patient, the above mentioned perception still persists and will continue to do so.

Energy Healing

Energy Healing, is a very “hands-on whole person” method of treatment and the patient feels that all aspects of his/her health and spiritual well-being are being attended to.

Energy Healing has proven to be a non-obtrusive and natural method of healing and people who undergo such treatment/s will find it to be a safer means of treatment.

Repeated surgical procedures are physically and emotionally traumatic for most patients and it is but a logical and attractive option to both the patient and their families to look for less stressful health interventions as a means of improving their quality of life.

Moreover than not utilizing natural, complimentary and/or alternative treatment is seen as a safer more “natural” method of treatment that will bring relief and can be used effectively in conjunction with chemical-based medicine treatments.

Energy Healing As Pain Relief

Energy Healing is a good way of relieving stress and pain without the need to continuously take chemical-based medicines (especially pain-killers).

Meditation is part and parcel of Energy Healing methods and this is seen to be an added benefit for highly stressed people.

Meditation does not require sophisticated equipment thus it becomes all the more convenient for students and future students of Energy Healing as well as those people/patients being treated.

The age-old battle between the pros and cons of Alternative Healing and Mainstream Chemical-based Medicine will continue indefinitely as Practitioners of both will continue to present the benefits of their particular treatment to those who are searching for answers.

Be Open-minded

In conclusion, I for one believe that what matters the most by any person who is suffering from whatever illness/disorder/condition is the restoration of good health by whatever means it takes.

The type of treatment path that you choose to take to get better, even if only temporarily is totally your decision to make, so don’t let the doom-sayers talk you out of at least giving something new a go.

Being in a good ‘head-space’ and staying true to yourself and what you want and/or believe in is absolutely crucial to your overall well-being.