Facing My Own Fear To Help Others Awaken Their Creative Spirit

Yesterday was a fabulous day indeed as I was not only successful in facing a fear of mine head on, but in doing so I was able to provide an Abstract Energy ART Lesson with a difference.

I finally let my “Inner ARTist” out to play, far away from my own studio “safe haven” and facilitated a fun-filled, action-packed, spontaneously creative morning of Art and Healing.


I was truly honoured and most grateful to be able to teach the kind of ARTwork that I LOVE to do for myself to a grieving mother and daughter who were very eager to try their creative hands at learning the techniques that I especially use when I create my Abstract Energy ARTwork pieces.

As part of this particular Abstract Energy ART Lesson I talked to them about the importance of using COLOUR to help Heal and Ease their Grief and also how they could use the Creativity of Grief to Awaken their respective Creative Spirit and go forth on a new journey of self-healing.