Give Yourself Permission To Play

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Rosetta Elsner ARTist
October 1, 2016

Give yourself permission to play by tapping into your authentic self and releasing your inner child’s ability to express what you are feeling through creative expression and I do not just mean art-making.

With expressive arts there are no limitations as to what you can use to help you to express yourself.

Let your imagination run wild when it comes to choosing a medium to express your own unique creativity preference.

Through all manner of expressive arts you will bring about healing to you if you just give yourself permission to play and most importantly permission to create without worrying too much about what the final result will look like.

When you give yourself permission to let go of how the end result will look you can surprise yourself with the depth of rich, colourful emotion that can emerge onto the page and/or canvas.paintpots image2Expressive Arts allows you to use colour, texture, shapes, symbols, lines, light and dark to express your emotional impressions and feelings without the need to refine it.

The beauty of expressive arts is that there are no limits on what you can use to express yourself and you may like …

to doodle,

to draw figuratively,

to finger paint,

to throw paint blobs,

to squirt paint from a spray bottle,

to paint with a paintbrush using either oil, acrylic or watercolour paint,

to use play-dough,

to use plasticine,

to use clay,

to use mixed media,

to make collages,

to use pastels,

to use crayons,

to colour in using pencils and/or textas,

to write,

to sing,

to dance,

to take walks out in nature, etc ….  it really is totally up to you and your imagination!!paintpots image2Creativity and creative expression is available for everybody and not just for Artists and Children.  It is for every man, woman and child who longs to express their innermost feelings and emotions and create change in doing so.

The expressive arts can provide a pathway forwards for people who want to transform negative feelings and emotions into more constructive forces for good into their life and as a result you may even discover your true self and your life’s purpose.

Creativity happens any time that we create and it most definitely does matter.

It sparks vibrancy in your daily life and the creative part of you must be allowed to make an appearance if you are to thrive even though getting your creativity to flow can be challenging at times.

Tapping into our creative selves can and does provide a powerful healing path for our emotional selves and the expressive arts are most definitely a fun way to help you to re-establish better health and balance in the psyche.

When we allow ourselves to go with the flow and slip into the creating mindset, we are naturally curious, we explore, we experiment and we are more willing to take some amount of risk.  Most people engage in expressive arts exercises without even realizing it.

Our brain is designed to function in a creative mode in its own unique way and when we give our self permission to play and devise creative opportunities then we give our minds, bodies and spirits the opportunities to heal and to grow.

It is the implicit hurts and wounds that we carry which can be a challenge to properly process and heal unless we can find a way to access them, express them and transform them into a force of beneficial good.

Expressive arts is a wonderful tool to help you reconnect to your creative self and it comes with the promise of personal growth for anyone who pursue using it in their own creative ways.

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