Healing Art

Healing Art

I was asked this question the other day … “What is Healing Art?”

I believe that it is when a person uses Art to heal the body, soothe the mind and transform the spirit by actually engaging in either creating or viewing art.

The simple act of creating a visual image on either a piece of paper or on a canvas can produce both physical and emotional benefits for both the creator and the viewer.

There are many levels of healing and many things to be healed.

Art frees the Immune System so it can function at its best, relieve pain, heal depression and raise one’s spirit.

When we make art to heal the creative spirit within us is awakened and arouses our Inner Healer which in turn changes our whole physiology and promotes our mind, body and spirit to heal.

Healing Art is the tool for transformation that people seek in order to enable change.

Art Therapy traditionally places more emphasis on the actual product or artwork created as being the diagnostic tool that the Art Therapist uses to evaluate their client’s emotional state.

Whereas, an Expressive Arts Practitioner would place more emphasis on the actual artistic process and not the artwork created because it is believed that it is only the person who has created the artwork piece who truly knows the meaning inherent in that piece of healing art.

“Unhealthy Chakras” … Acrylic Paint on Paper 2012.

2 thoughts on “Healing Art

  1. Thank you Donna. Yes colours are truly amazing. People just need to be open-minded and let the colours do the work. I look forward to reading through your blog and learning from your good self. Enjoy your day, mine is slowly coming to an end. Rose :)

  2. If only people knew how strong color can be! Looking at artwork that has specific colors definetly will make us feel and heal. In the beginning of this year I started focusing some of my blog posts on Holistic Hues and colors that heal. What a great way to bring healing into the home!

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