Holistic ARTistry by Rosetta Elsner ARTist

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Transform your PAIN into Inspiration

by Releasing Your Inner ARTist

and Heal your Hurt through Creative Expression

(aka Holistic ARTistry)

Book a personalized artistic 1-on-1 spontaneous Holistic ARTistry Creative Expression (PAINt Relief) workshop session with Energetic Abstractions Rosetta Elsner ARTist (aka Abstract Energy ARTist Rose) to explore creative expression as a alternative healing modality to help you to change your mindset and heal your hurt.

In these creative expression workshop sessions (which by the way is not a “how to paint” art lesson) you will be guided by Rosetta to focus on the actual art-making as a transformational healing process, to create freely with no judgement and to explore the fun and freedom of painting spontaneous instead of the final artwork products.

YOU choose the paint colours that you are drawn to.

YOU also get to choose whatever tools you want to create with whether it is your fingers, your hands, a palette knife or even a paint brush or two.

You will be using acrylic and/or watercolour paints as the creative channel that will allow you to explore, observe, discover, interpret and express your individual experiences on either canvas or paper whilst using colour, composition, texture and layers of paint to activate both spiritual and emotional healing via your own unique self expression!!

FEARless Creativity is YOU making spontaneous decisions without overthinking the process whilst enjoying the transformational changes taking place as you shift your focus away from pain, etc.

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If you do then make sure to contact Rosetta (Rose) to book a 1-on-1 Holistic ARTistry Creative Expression/Colour Healing workshop session with her …


(Mon, Tues, Wed & Saturday is subject to request & availability)

TIMES – 9.00am-Noon or Noon-3.00pm

LOCATION – Perth’s Eastern Hills (Address will be given upon booking)

COST – $150.00 (3 hour session) includes Art Supplies

BOOKING 0448 736 036 or via Email  rose@energeticabstractions.com

PAYMENT – Cash, Credit/Debit Card (Mastercard or Visa only) to be paid on-site at the commencement of your pre-booked HA Workshop.

PAYMENT – PAYPAL (Click Pay Now Button to pay with Credit/Debit Card online) or pay on-site at the commencement of your pre-booked HA Workshop via PayPal Card Reader.


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