HOLISTIC ARTistry Workshop

HOLISTIC ARTistry Workshop by Rosetta Elsner ARTist :

Transform your PAIN into Inspiration by Releasing Your Inner ARTist and Heal your Hurt through Colour & Creative Expression!

Book a personalized HOLISTIC ARTistry Workshop session with Rosetta Elsner ARTist and explore creative expression as an alternative healing modality.

These artistic workshops are process focused and will help you to change your mindset and heal your hurt by enhancing your well-being in a relaxed, creative environment … think of it as being Creative Medicine or Creative Wellness in action!

HOLISTIC ARTistry Workshop In Progress 2018

In these HOLISTIC ARTistry Workshop sessions (which by the way is not a “how to paint” art lesson) you will be guided by Rosetta to focus on the actual art-making as a transformational healing process, to create freely with no judgement and to explore firsthand the fun and freedom of the painting spontaneous process instead of only focusing on the final artwork product/s.

YOU choose the paint colours that you are drawn to.

YOU also get to choose whatever tools you want to create with whether it is your fingers, your hands, a palette knife or even a paint brush or two.

You will be using acrylic paints, watercolour paints and/or alcohol inks as the creative channel that will allow you to explore, observe, discover, interpret and express your individual experiences on either canvas or paper whilst using colour, composition, texture and layers of paint or ink to activate both spiritual and emotional healing via your own unique self expression!!

FEARless Creativity is YOU making spontaneous decisions without overthinking the process whilst enjoying the transformational changes taking place as you shift your focus away from pain, etc.

In the Colour Expression/Healing part at the beginning of the workshop session you will have the opportunity to have a Colour Card Reading done … you get to choose three Colour Cards.

Rosetta will read to you the Colour Card meanings and it is your choice if you would like these to be the main colours that you focus on during the creative expression art-making session.

To find out how you can experience and/or book yourself a 1-on-1 Creative Expression and Colour Expression/Healing HOLISTIC ARTistry Workshop session just click on this link … WORKSHOP by Rosetta Elsner ARTist!