Invisible Illness – PAINTing Out The Pain

Invisible Illness, no matter what name it is given, be it Fibromyalgia, CFS, ME, MPN/MPD, Anaemia (and I am not referring to your everyday pop an Iron Supplement Anaemia), etc is an absolute insipid life-changer and unfortunately for a few people it can also become a life-ender.

I personally searched for many years for the answers as to why I was in such chronic pain when I had not actually hurt myself in any way.  During this time I was diagnosed with having Fibromyalgia (and many other ‘possibilities’), which I now know was actually brought on because of the stress of not really knowing the actual true cause and the unbearable frustration of always having to justify my “invisible illness” whether it be to family, friends or the medical fraternity.

My fibromyalgia muscular-pain more or less disappeared once I was correctly diagnosed and treated for the actual cause of my pain … bone-pain, a nasty side effect of being a Chronic Anaemic.  

With this said, to anybody who suffers chronic pain, pain is pain and the difference between it being a life-changer or life-ender is basically how that particular person copes with the everyday management of their pain and the advice that they receive.

Mental health is one important area that needs to be given top priority as does any treatment that can help change a pained person’s mindset and/or outlook on their life (with or without pain).

I consider myself to be one of the lucky ones whom with time and support was able to successfully self-manage my bone-pain by combining general Allopathic, Haematologic and various Non-Allopathic methods to alleviate pain flare-ups.

My own pain management journey had me pick up a paintbrush and PAINt out the Pain that was frustrating the hell out of me!

As a result, I now offer support and guidance to others experiencing pain by showing them how they can use creative expression to help them bring some relief to their own pain.

I call this my PAINt Relief method and you will find examples of Abstract Energy ARTworks throughout this website that I have painted whilst facilitating such PAINt Relief either just for myself or with others.

The reason for me writing this particular ART Blog post is because I have just finished reading Fibromyalgia – An Artists Perspective that was written by Jenny Schwarz and published by The National Pain Report (USA) in recognition of Fibromyalgia Awareness Day which is held annually on May 12 (two days ago) … it felt like in parts that I was reading my own story!

This article totally resonated with me and I found myself nodding in agreement with practically everything that Jenny Schwarz had to say especially the part about Painting when in Pain.  That is exactly what I did and still do although these days I am known to paint just because I love to paint (pain or no pain).

To read the entire article you just need to click on the highlighted link below …

 Fibromyalgia – An Artists Perspective