Practice Mindfulness to Re-Energize Your Art Business

Rosetta Elsner ARTist
June 1, 2017

Re-Energize Your Creative Venture/Art Business with Mindfulness

I am sure that I would not be the only person to have ever had some serious doubts, been regularly stressed out about failure or have actually feared the real or imaginary obstacles that stand in your way of being an artist, raise your hand up if this is you too!!

Lets face it, having an art career is challenging enough without you and me bringing along self-doubt, stress, and fear into the equation which usually only ends up making the arts business practice even more difficult than it is already.

So what if I told you that there are a number of simple to implement solutions that can help you (and not forgetting me) to overcome these “being stuck” problems and in doing so we will even become more productive at the same time.

How is this possible you ask?  The answer my friend is Mindfulness.

I will explain in this post the five ways from how to start practicing Mindfulness to how it will transform your bad habits can help you to revitalize your art business as it has done mine.

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Always Focus on the Present

What is the first major benefit to becoming more mindful?  It is Acceptance.

When you practice mindfulness you are able to focus on the present and what you can do in the world at that very moment instead of not dwelling on mistakes of the past or worrying about the hypothetical outcomes of the future.  Be in the now!!

This brings you to an acceptance with what has already happened in your life, whether it be good or bad.

There is no judgment about failure as you realize that these are the very experiences that helped you to grow and to get you to where you are today … which by the way is living out your dream of being an artist.

Only then can you focus on creating art and efficiently running your business without any additional unnecessary stress and worry.

Try Paying More Attention

Another benefit of Mindfulness is that you become a lot better at paying attention and recognizing the needs of those in your life, in other words, Mindfulness breeds Awareness.

When you are more aware, you can better understand what you will need to give back to your family, friends, and clients supporting your art career.

You will also become more aware of what your business will require from you to be more successful as you become more in tune with what your customers and collectors are looking for which will open up more possibilities to sell your artwork whether online or offline.

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Let Go and Feel Less Stressed

I am sure that you would agree that it would be nice to be able to let go of the heavy burdens of running an art business?

Well for starters you can easily accomplish this by practicing Mindfulness by sitting quietly and focus on your breathing for two to five minutes.  Concentrating on nothing but your breath will help you to focus on the present moment and stress less about the art piece that you need to get finished or the juried show that you want to be accepted into, etc.

Less stress in your life will help you to feel better mentally and physically which can only assist with your ability to create and prosper in your arts business.


Have More Faith and Less Fear

Being a full-time professional artist can be a scary road to travel for most people.

But, with that said practicing Mindfulness regularly will allow you to put in perspective the things that you fear the most.

Take a long, hard look at what it is that you are scared of and ask yourself  this “what is real and what is an excuse because you are afraid?”  Then, see what you strategies that you can implement to overcome these self-made obstacles, for example goal setting.

By setting yourself achievable goals no matter how daunting, by breaking them down into manageable chunks can actually be motivating for the majority of people and having smaller goals is a great way for you to alleviate the fear and make tasks seem more manageable.


Focus on Becoming More Intentional

Your newfound mindfulness helps you to embrace who you really and truly are in the present moment which will make you more intentional about the art you create.

Embrace what is going on with you right now with fascination and curiosity. Fall radically in love with the changes of your life because it inspires new ideas to fuel your artistic creativity.

When you create with such passion and intention it can only help you to develop a sense of purpose about your art that through story-telling can actually help your art business in both the short and long run by selling more of your artworks to your target audience.

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It is obvious that taking just a little bit of the time out of your busy day to practice mindfulness will not only help your art career, but also your entire life.

Accepting life’s curveballs and challenges, focusing on what you can control instead of dwelling on what you cannot control and becoming more intentional with your art is a much healthier way to live your life than it is stressing about every little detail past and present.

If you and I both put Mindfulness into daily practice I can guarantee that you and I will become much more productive and attentive to fulfilling the dream of being a successful professional artist.


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