Psychosomatic Illness – Imaginative Mind Games

I Am Not Making It Up – My PAIN is Real !

Psychosomatic Illness is usually the diagnosis of a “so-called neurotic person” who is desperately trying to find out what is wrong with him/her.

They are usually experiencing various levels of pain and cannot pin-point the exact reason why they are in pain.

There is nothing more depressing and fatiguing to someone who is experiencing symptoms that no-one, “doctor, practitioner, specialist and/or alternative therapist” can find a cause for.

When these practitioners cannot find the answer to a patient’s problem they should send him/her to someone else who may have other knowledge about that condition.

If one therapy is not the answer, then another may suit a particular patient’s needs.

Psychosomatic Illness is often misdiagnosed traditionally, yet the problems being complained of by the patient to the practitioner are often early warning signs to important disorders.

Low energy and poor vitality, muscle weakness, low resistance to infection, digestive disorders, skin eruptions and itches are such symptoms that should ring “warning bell/s” to every doctor/practitioner of whatever discipline they practice.

Sleep patterns that change and mental stresses should not be pushed aside as being insignificant as they are often a pointer to developing disease states.

It is at this level of ill-health, before the real serious stuff manifests, that is the easiest to treat, especially to prevent further depletion of our energy reserves.

Go Away Pain!!

Although it is well-known that many a person has been kept in pain for years, because he/she was discouraged from seeking alternative advice by their doctor/practitioner believing it to be somewhat insignificant, it will go away on its own accord or my favourite … it’s all in your head, you obviously have got a good imagination and are probably just an “attention seeker”.

It is innate in every one of us to “know” instinctively who will best treat us and it is advisable that a doctor/practitioner/therapist “really listen” to their patient – who is an expert in his/her own condition.

As I have said many a time to different “specialists” that I have encountered over the years in my own personal search for answers … “Why would anyone in their right mind put themselves through “the sheer hell” that being in constant pain is all about for the sake of having a good imagination and/or seeking attention?”

There is absolutely no fun and definitely nothing to joke about when a person experiences living with constant pain because it turns you into the person that you are not and for quite a few people who leads to rejection (and loss) on many levels from spouses, family and friends.

Psychosomatic Illness also known as Mind-Body Disorder is REAL and should be accepted as being so.

So remind me again folks, why I should contemplate bringing out my “Imaginary Friend” called PAIN to come out and play with me, after all, it’s all in my head right … I think not!