Reiki Healing and Pain Relief

Reiki Healing and Pain Relief – How Reiki Healing Helped Me Cope With Chronic Pain

My introduction to Reiki and Reiki Healing came about as a result of a friend who was obviously ‘sick and tired’ of hearing me whining about being in pain that she took me along to ‘sit-in’ whilst she received a Reiki Treatment.

All that she asked of me was to ‘have an open mind’ to what would be happening and ‘to absorb any energies than may be transmitted my way by either herself or the Reiki Practitioner’.

Okay it was at this point that I thought she had ‘lost the plot’ but my curiosity got the better of me so I agreed to go along and to sit quietly in the corner.

I still think back to that particular day as although I did not actually receive a Reiki Treatment myself (because I was sitting quietly in the corner remember), something DID HAPPEN to me.

I have no idea how to explain or even really describe what exactly happened that afternoon but it has had a major impact in changing my mind and outlook on helping me cope with long-term chronic pain.

Receiving Reiki

It was not until a couple of days later when I received my very first Reiki Treatment by the same Reiki Practitioner that my friend took me to.

I remembered what my friend said about keeping an open mind and just laid back in anticipation of not really knowing what was to happen.

As the Reiki Practitioner did her thing and hovered her hands over my body I could feel my body reacting to her movements by feeling ‘tingling sensations’ and then ‘real heat’ when she placed her hands on me.

Although it was yet another stinking hot summers day outside, inside her Reiki Studio was air-conditioned and the air-conditioning unit was definitely on as the other parts of me that she was not touching was cool.

I must admit that a good majority of the first session I really did not grasp as I actually fell asleep (the effects of sleep-deprivation and also not used to being in such a relaxed state) but for the time that I was awake I felt both ‘weird and wonderful’ sensations as she moved about from spot to spot.

I was so darn relaxed that I so did not want my Reiki Healing session to end, but as all good things the end is nigh and after about an hour and a half I was on my way back home to face reality once more.

I would be telling mis-truths if I said that I felt that I had been ‘cured’ that day as I was still experiencing the same level of pain as before I received Reiki Healing but I definitely did feel something had changed.

As the days went by I was finding myself wanting more and more Reiki Healing and just about every time I logged online I was typing Reiki into the Google Search box. I was hungry to find out more about Reiki, Reiki Healing and what exactly happen to me that afternoon.

Reiki is The Gift of LOVE

The following week I was back for more and even more ‘open-eyed’ (no falling asleep this time – I had a million and one questions to ask).

The Reiki Healing Treatment took place just like before with me feeling the exact same sensations of tingling, heat and total relaxation – gawd it felt good!

I can remember the Reiki Practitioner saying that Reiki is “the Gift of Love” and “that if we want Love and Peace in the World then the first place that we have to start is with ourselves and really believe that we can make a difference”.

She went on to say that Reiki is “an energy, an impulse, a vibration that is becoming stronger and stronger on the physical, therefore gathering momentum in a collective consciousness” and “that for me to heal I have to learn to give and receive love in its energy/vibrational form”.

I’ll be honest with you, at this point I thought ‘what the !!!!’ but as time went by and Reiki was working its wonders on me I began to understand her powerful message.

One year on I am definitely a more open-minded ready to receive whatever comes my way non-critical person and although it has been a while since my last Reiki Healing session with her I have been Attuned to Reiki Healing and perform self-healing energy healing on myself when needed.

As for my pain, as with all things it comes and goes but the difference is that I am off those horrible chemical-based medicines that in the long-term do more harm than good and have a new outlook on life and pain management.

I exercise on a more regular basis, whether it be gentle walks in the great outdoors or swimming in our pool, I am also taking notice of the foods that I eat making sure that a good portion is ‘rainbow-coloured fruit and vegetables’ but most importantly I am now finally making the time to truly appreciate what I already have (as well as setting future goals for what I would like to have) … my family and friends.

I hardly get called “sad-sacks” anymore and that puts a smile on my face!

Coping with pain is still a daily occurrence but Reiki Healing has helped me in more ways than just pain relief and Reiki has to be experienced for yourself before you will ever truly understand it’s ways because it is more than just experiencing a transfer of energy that puts you in a deep relaxed state and promotes increased positive thinking (ie. mind over matter).

All I can say is that I have ‘been there done that’ and I am so grateful for my caring friend who actually ‘gave a stuff’ and helped me out.

So think of me as your new-found friend and do yourself a favour, stop procrastinating and putting up with unnecessary pain and check out Reiki Healing because to get the most out of what I have been talking about means that you REALLY DO NEED TO EXPERIENCE A REIKI HEALING SESSION FOR YOURSELF.

Do what I did … go in with an open mind and be pleasantly surprised with what happens!