Self-Healing Reiki – Healing Your Mind Body and Soul

Administering a Self-Healing Reiki Energy treatment on yourself is one very special way of delivering holistic healthcare at any time and at any place.

Reiki is a wonderful healing technique for the body, the mind and the spirit/soul.

Reiki channels energy through the palms of your hands and is an excellent therapy to use alongside other forms of healing, conventional or alternative and it frequently produces beneficial results.

Reiki is thought to be an intelligent energy, it will know where healing is needed first.

Think of it as being similar to the unconditional love of a mother when she cuddles and comforts her sick or hurt child, bringing her child the warmth and love of energy.

Universal Energy Healing

We have all given ourselves and others healing without even realizing it in one way or another, for example think of the times that you have rested your head within your palms to soothe the pain of a headache or the stomach pains that your hands have rubbed away.

Reiki is usually administered by an experienced attuned practitioner, but everyone, young or old, has the ability to learn the skills needed to heal themselves or others because if we can learn to heal ourselves then we will have the time to truly love what is around us and if we can learn to love what is around us, then we can learn to heal the world.

Universal Energy is within the reach of every one of us. We are all born the same, holding the same energies within us.

All living things are made up of energy and it is this energy that sustains life: without the body’s energy there is no physical form of us.

Reiki Energy Healing

Everyone has the ability to use Reiki, which is a form of healing administered through touch and the use of symbols, promoting the body’s healing process on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level.

Reiki is very similar to Spiritual Healing where energy enters the body through the Crown Chakra and is emitted from the palms, reducing stress, aiding relaxation and bringing balance to our lives.

Before we can make full use of Reiki as a method of healing we need to learn and understand the Reiki Symbols that are used and also the Reiki Principles that are taught.

Self-Healing With Reiki Energy Healing

Once we have an understanding of these then we can commence the process of self-attunement and then self-healing.

I would recommend that you experience what it is like to have a Reiki treatment done on you by an experienced Reiki practitioner before you commence Reiki Self-Healing on yourself.

This is only so that you can get a total feeling of what Reiki actually should be like and it will also help you to better understand the Reiki Symbols and the Reiki Principles.

Reiki has certainly helped me tremendously to manage Chronic Pain especially when dealing with the frustrations of not knowing what exactly is wrong as it helps to put me in a good “head-space”.

Reiki is a powerful healing therapy that anyone can learn easily and effectively for little to no cost.

Harness the healing power of Reiki to reach your full potential physically, mentally and spiritually.