Visualizing Healing Colours

When you are visualizing healing colours you would first set your intention before focusing on what you wish to enable healing on.

Our imagination is possibly the greatest healing tool that we possess because it is via our imagination that we can rehearse for a successful positive outcome and we can change old negative patterns by seeing ourselves acting in positive life-enhancing ways.

Visualization is the process of harnessing the power of your mind through using imagery to achieve a specific goal whilst you are in a heightened state of relaxation.

It is not hypnosis and like most things with practice you will learn how to utilize visualizations to find new ways of harnessing your creative powers for enhanced health and well-being.

Each colour has certain qualities which influence us both positively and negatively.

Every colour has a unique therapeutic value and each one can be used to treat a particular physical or emotional problem.

When we are ill our body gives out a distorted and/or disturbed pattern of energetic vibrations.

A simple way to help yourself to attain better health is to think about the benefits of visualizing healing colours and in doing so you will allow them to bring about healing whether you are conscious of it or not.